How to Keep Insects Off Your Dog

This adorable little dog is named Sophie. She’s a real sweetie. She belongs to a good friend of mine who recently asked me what she could do to keep insects off of her.

This year, poor Sophie has had to endure bug bites when she goes outside and her mommy wants to put an end to that.

She knows that you can’t use the same insect repellents you use on humans, so what else can be done to remedy this?

My first thought was the article I wrote for natural insect repellents . There are several things in there that might work such asĀ  tucking a dryer sheet around her collar. Or maybe dab a bit of vanilla extract behind her ears (it would make her smell really yummy too).

Other things to try:

Diaper Rash Cream with Zinc Oxide. This will help with any bug bites she already has plus it should repel insects.

Petroleum Jelly may also help.

And of course there is the old stand by from Avon, Skin-So-Soft. Try rubbing that into your dog’s skin before venturing outside.

Some people have had some luck with Baby Oil too.

There are also a few commercial products that keep bugs off dogs.

First there is a product called Pet-Guard Gel. This stuff repels most biting insects and has a sunscreen in it too. Ask your vet or check with your local pet store.

There is also a product called Flys-Off. It can be bought through Amazon or check your local pet store. I have a friend who uses this on her outside dog and really likes it.

Next is Miracle Coat No Fly Zone for Dogs which can also be bought from Amazon or probably your local pet store. 3 of the reviews for this were very favorable. One person uses it on herself too. One reviewer hated it however. I haven’t heard of this product before so I can’t offer any personal input.

Last is a product calledĀ  VIP Fly Repellent Ointment for Dogs and Cats and you can also order this off of Amazon. This product is also good for cats too.

Which brings me to a note. Everything I have mentioned except for the last product is only safe for dogs. Cats have super sensitive skin and products that are safe for dogs can kill a cat. So check with your vet before using any of these remedies on your kitty.

Also, do not let any of these products get into your dog’s eyes or mouth.

If you know of anything, whether it is a home remedy or a specific products that helps keep insects off of dogs, please share in the comments.



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