How to Make Monster Pops

Monster Marshmallow Pops

I have noticed some really cool Marshmallow Monster Pops (also called Frankenstein Pops) on the web recently. They all look a little different but are very creative.

I decided I wanted to make some too but with a twist. I wanted them to be simple enough that kids could make them. And I wanted to use materials I already had in my kitchen and craft room.

Now, I know these probably look very amateurish compared to some of the others out there. But they were easy to make and fun too.

What you need to make Monster Pops:

Frankenstein Marshmallow pop supplies

Large Marshammllows (I used the giant size)
Stick Pretzels
Green Food Coloring
Black Decorating Icing





Step 1

Marshmallow on stickStick a marshmallow on a craft stick.












Step 2

mixing food color

Squeeze 4-5 drops of green food coloring into a cup filled 3/4 of the way with water. Swirl with a fork or craft stick til thoroughly mixed with the water.










Step 3

Dip marshmallow
Dip the marshamallow into the green water and swish it around for about 10 seconds. Bring it out of the water and let the excess water drip back into the cup.











It should look like this:

Green marshmallow












Step 4

Marshmallows dryingLay your marshmallows down  stick side up on a paper towel. Leave them to dry for about 30 minutes.








Step 5

Add pretzelsBreak a pretzel stick in half and stick it on one side of the marshmallow. Repeat on the other side.












Step 6

Draw hairDraw the hair with your decorator icing by holding the stick in one hand and squeezing out lines with the icing with the other hand. I didn’t have one but if you have a fine tipped paint brush, you would have more control over how the icing goes on the marshmallow by dipping the brush in the icing and painting on the lines.











Step 7

Draw faceDraw the face. You can make them scary or smiley like mine. Again, I’m thinking a fine paint brush would work better than just squeezing out the icing like I did.

Allow the Frankensteins to dry for about 20 minutes.











Monster Marshmallow PopsAnd here are some of the completed pops.








Maymay after eating popWarning, your kids face will probably look like this after eating a Frankenstein Marshmallow Pop!



















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