How to Make Your Dining Room Feel Like Poetry

Dining room is the place where large families get together during holidays, where couples express their love through romantic dinners and where people bond during meals, because sometimes that is the only free time they have to really talk to each other.

Every room in the house has its purpose, but with the exception of the bedroom, dining room is the only space where it is really important to make it welcoming, beautiful, inviting. Your dining room should feel like poetry that woos and gives you positive energy.

A room that woos with its decoration

You need to pay attention to 5 things, when you decorate your dining room.

• furniture

• size of your dining room
• amount of light coming in
• position of the room in relation to kitchen
• decorative details (wall decoration, plants, flowers, bowl of fruit, exotic sculptures)

Furniture, or table and chairs, are important because they’ll define the style you are going after in this room: modern, traditional, royal, vintage, etc. Click for modern dining room sets.

elegant dining room

The style also defines your budget. If you want your room to look royal, with lush furniture, elaborate chandeliers and a showcase full of unique, beautiful ornaments, you’ll need to spend a lot of money.

A cheaper choice would be an IKEA or similar store product, modern and practical in design.

Ikea modern dining room

Charming and frugal are a good match

There are more frugal ways to have a poetic dining room, using charming details:

charming dining room


See how the room is packed with small details: photos, books, flowers in three different places, and though your eyes can spend quite some time resting and evaluating each detail, nothing seems crowded or tasteless here. It is just the right amount of decorative elements, placed at just the right spots to make the owner and his/her guests feel pleasant during a meal. Also, note the size of this space and how it is used appropriately. A larger or square-shaped table might have occupied more space and made the room look crowded.

Let light come in
The position of the room in relation to kitchen is important, because you don’t want to go too far to get your meal out on the dining table. Usually dining rooms are right next to the kitchen, but sometimes they are separated by walls and you need to go around them to get to the kitchen. In these cases it is the best to make some kind of a window or a bar through the wall, to have a “direct line” and avoid making those extra steps to the source of food.

Also, it is important to have a happy, bright dining room.

black and white dining room

It is a very good idea to position the table and chairs next to a large window, but if that is not possible, try to use good overhead lights and nice lamps to always be able to make the room brighter. Of course, sometimes dimmed lights or just the light of candles are preferred, as in the case of romantic dinners, but most of the time people will want to see what they are eating and to be energized by all the light coming in.

Other things to consider when decorating your dining room are wall colors, posters or paintings, rugs and the type of flooring. Click for big collection of wall paintings and posters. The basic rule here is the same: don’t make your room feel over-crowded and don’t use screaming colors that will be rather tiresome to the eye of someone who just needs to feel the poetry of a good meal and good company.







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  1. Right now you have made me feel wistfully about the summer. For us here in Canada we are up to our knees in snow, and will be for the next month and a half. I am definitely going to try the vanilla extract, being a big fan of the smell of vanilla.

  2. Ugh I don’t think I would like living up there. We still have some cold weather here but I already have hyacinths and daffodils blooming in my yard so the worst is over…I hope!

    As for vanilla, I love it too. It’s my signature scent. All I wear is vanilla perfume so I love putting on vanilla extract to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

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