How using Instagram and Social Networking Sites can Help Organize Your Family Life

instagramWe have all used social networking sites in the past, but do we really ever use them for more than just catching up with friends and posting random photos? As a busy mom with more to do than just a spot of shopping you can learn to take full advantage of social networking sites likes Instagram to your advantage. Not only can you stay in touch with others, but you can share recipes, photos and keep track of your children and other family members easily.


Using Instagram is so easy and quick, without the added hassle of some other sites that constantly change the rules and your privacy options without telling their customers. You can still have many of the useful functions of sites like Facebook, but no more adverts, random requests, games and such like. With as many people now looking for better and safer alternatives don’t you think it’s time you gave Instagram a go?


Instagram can help you keep track of the food you eat, making meal planning less complicated, you can add a photo of anything that interests you or even a shopping list, and then not have to worry about forgetting anything. With more than 100 million users now converted to Instagram doesn’t that speak volumes to you? Using #hashtags you can decide which photos are more important or file them in a directory that’s specific to the item, such as #Christmas Present or #Meeting at school, save with a photo and hey presto it’s easy to look back and find out all the information you need quickly. You can also #tag your own Instagram likes and have your own Instagram followers.


With Instagram you can easily share your photos and #hashtags with others, like other peoples photo’s and even let your friends know about deals and special offers at the local store helping them to save money also. Signing up and staying in touch are easy and you’ll be amazed how quickly you will find that you can’t live without Instagram and the services they offer. Instagram is a safe place to share photo’s, record special events and find people similar to yourself. With an average of 1 person signing up every second and over 1 billion photo’s now live on their system Instagram continues to grow. It’s great for family members too, open to anyone over the age of 13 and can be used it alongside other social networking sites also. Effective policies are in place to guard against unacceptable material keeping your teenagers safe from seeing upsetting or damaging images and giving you a piece of mind.


Special photograph effects, apps for iPads, iPhones like the Instamap and Printic, plus the ability to incorporate some of the best aspects from many other social networking sites is the key to the success of Instagram and why so many users flock there. Find out for yourself just how easy and fun it is to use today and make social networking work for you and your family.


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