Keep a Kid Friendly Beautiful Garden

raised garden bedIt can be frustrating to see your beautiful garden get trampled by kids, and it certainly is difficult to find a balance between an aesthetic and a kid-friendly yard. Still, there are several design options available that can provide you with a unique garden that also allows the kids to enjoy being outside. Here are some tips to help you keep gardening fun without worrying about how the kids might ruin your hard work.


Plan Ahead

When you have children, you always need to plan ahead for a number of situations. Based on the age of your kids, it’s a good idea to take the time to sit down with them and talk about a few of the things that they might enjoy in the yard. Some kids want to have a large play structure in the yard while others might enjoy a basketball hoop or a track to ride their bike. Putting together a few ideas on paper can help you create a yard that will be functional for the kids while still including a nice area for your garden.


Play Area

Kids love to have areas where they can enjoy playing. Create a yard where you have multiple areas focused on the kids. One way is to create a unique looking rock structure with plants around it. In the middle of the rock bed, have a large sandbox for the kids. This is a great way to move their area to one section of the yard, and still incorporate beauty into the yard with rocks and plants.



A garden can look incredible when it has a few different features that make it stand out. One way to enhance your garden is by adding water features. You can use a small water feature that includes a pond with fish in it for the kids. Just remember to fence off the area so the kids aren’t tempted to play in the water unsupervised. Around the water feature, use rocks as landscaping adornments and then add multiple flower options to give it color.



No matter what age your kids may be, flowers can get trampled, particularly if they are on the edge of the yard. Don’t plant your rose bushes or other thorny plants near the border areas of the yard. Instead, opt for nice borders made of rock, cement, or similar materials. This border option will prevent your flowers from being trampled, and it keeps your kids safe by discouraging them from running into thorny plants. Consider adding small fences around the flowers if you have kids that play a lot of basketball or other sports. The fences can block balls from going into the beds and damaging your hard work.


Choose the Right Plants

Involve your kids in the planting process. When kids understand the hard work it takes to plant a garden, they may try harder to avoid tramping the flowers. Choose plants that are resilient like sunflowers, marigolds, and pansies. These flowers can easily grow back after being trampled or dug up. Sweet peas are another great flower to select, as they have a beautiful smell and they will continue to make additional flowers when the seeds fall out.


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