How to Keep Your Dog Safe During Fireworks

Summer can be a scary time for dogs. There is the 4th of July holiday with all the fireworks. And then there are usually lots of thunder storms in the summer with the booming thunder. Not all dogs are sensitive to these loud noises. I have 4 dogs. One of them is deaf and another one doesn’t seem to care. The other 2 are terrified of the booms and will cower in fear, or worse, they will freak out.

So how do you keep your dog safe during fireworks? Here are my tips:

  • If it’s an outside dog, please consider bringing him in for the night.
  • If you have a crate for your dog, move it to an interior room in your house that doesn’t have any windows and put a few soft blankets in there.
  • If you will be out for the evening, you might want to put a t shirt in the crate too that you have worn so your dog has your smell in the crate for comfort.
  • Put a radio on with calming music to dilute the booming noises.
  • If you don’t have a crate, then put your dog in that interior room but be aware, if he freaks out, he might scratch the door and damage it.
  • If you are home with your dog, comfort him by holding him close to you and speaking softly.
  • If you have time, call your veterinarian and see about getting some tranquilizers for your dog.
  • You can also get Anxiety Relief Drops. A friend of mine uses these for traveling with his dog with good results. My friend swears by these. They are good to keep around all year long for whenever you know your dog may be stressed out, like a trip to the groomer, traveling or 4th of July fireworks. Of course it’s too late to buy them for this 4th of July.
  • Some people have reported great success with the new calming vests.  The same friend I mentioned above got one for his dog from Amazon and he said it didn’t work for him so he returned it. But many people swear by it. It may be worth trying on your dog to see if it helps. Below is a picture and you can click on it or the link below to get more info about it:

Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment vest
Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment Vest


One other thing. Please keep your pet inside if you have sparklers or fireworks around. Or even if your neighbors have them. There have been so many tragic accidents with fireworks and pets, it’s just not worth the risk. This goes for any outdoor pet, not just dogs.

Have a fun, safe holiday!


2 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Dog Safe During Fireworks

  1. These are some really good tips. A couple of nights ago, my kids and hubby were lighting off some fireworks in the back and both my dogs got so upset. I couldn’t believe it!

    Wish I had read this article first.


    P.S. Visiting from voiceBoks!

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