How to keep your furniture sparkling clean

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Utmost care and deliberate cleaning make your furniture last longer plus it helps keeping the rest of your home look so much cleaner. Dusting, cleaning, waxing and polishing are some of the ways to keep your furniture sparkling. Wood furniture adds to the beauty of your home. But wood entails extra special care compared to non-wood house furnishings. So, if you have wood surfaced pieces of furniture at your home, you ought to take its extra care. Dusting need to be carried out much more than a few times a week, so that accumulation of dirt is suspended from its surface frequently.

Most of the household wooden furniture can be easily cleaned with household cleaners like vinegar. To clean oiled furniture, the best method is to wipe it with soft cloth. You can also apply a mixture of in-seed oil and turpentine on wood furniture with a spongy cloth in order to restore shine of wood furniture. This mixture penetrates deeper into the wood pores and make the furniture pieces gleam through out the year. Here are a few ways to clean different type of furniture at home:

Wood furniture

Examine what kind of wood furniture you have got; it can be is polished, painted or oiled. You can clean a painted wood furniture with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Furniture polish, aerosol or paste wax can be used to clean polished furniture. Whereas, oiled furniture can be cleaned of dirt by mere wiping with a damp sponge.

Fabric furniture

Fabric furniture cleaning is a little difficult than cleaning wood or glass furniture. You must avoid contact of water of any cleaner with cloth lining. Regular vacuuming would help reduce the buildup of dust, dead skin cells and hair on your fabric furniture. You can use the same cleaning supplies which you use for upholstery and home carpet cleaning.

Outdoor furniture

Generally outdoor furniture is waterproof, so you can clean it with a water hose and a sponge. Make sure that you do not use any harmful cleaning solutions, as it may destroy the grass of your lawn.

Cast iron and steel furniture are prone to rust and corrosion. Aluminum furniture can be treated with car wax for a fresh finish. Furniture contribute to the overall look and feel of your home. These pieces of wood must be kept in top shape, as a clean home is a true reflection of your personality.

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