Allowing Your Kids to Have Fun While Maintaining Order in the House

child sweepingWhile all parents want their children to be happy and have a well-rounded life, sports games, various classes and lessons and social activities do not always contribute to a clean, orderly household. Below are three helpful tips to maintain a healthy balance of fun and organization so that the family unit runs smoothly amid the inevitable chaos.


Choose the Right Appliances


Finding the time to wash clothes, do the dishes and vacuum the floors is hard enough as it is. But taking longer because you are using outdated or cheap appliances only adds to the disorder. By investing in efficient and quick appliances, you can cut your cleaning time dramatically. A vacuum cleaner that only needs one pass over the carpet instead of several obviously saves you time, making room for other items that deserve your attention.


If all of your cleaning appliances were quick and efficient work would be done faster, time would become available and your house would be more orderly. And if you are worried about the initial price tag for an energy efficient appliance, check out this website appliances for an overview of how much you will pay in the long run. According to the site, the purchase cost and the cost to run an appliance over the years should both be considered. The site has handy charts that show you how to read the energy use tags on the appliance. By purchasing energy-efficient products, you may be actually saving money and keeping your house a place of order!


A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place


While the house is going to get dirty, what with guests, sports gear, toys and the unavoidable mess of children, it is possible to limit the day-to-day clutter. Establish a place for each child to store the things they need to access on a daily basis. A great example is a place for shoes, coats and backpacks that they need to grab on the way out the door in the morning. Make a place that is clearly their own so they know where to put their things.


A clear place for each item is also helpful. Do the same in each area of the house, like the bathroom, laundry room, and in each bedroom. With the right containers, shelves and hooks, putting things away is not about guesswork or choice, but over time becomes a matter of habit.


Have a System


Another way to save yourself from drowning in mess and disarray is to create a system for your children and stick to it. For going out the door, have the children take responsibility for their own things. By implementing the “everything-in-its-place” rule mentioned above, this can be quick and painless.


It is also a good idea to have each individual child in charge of a certain chore. One can turn off the lights while the other opens the garage door and so on. Do the same for all the time-consuming activities of the household such as getting ready for bedtime, cleaning up after dinner and preparing to do laundry. This way parents benefit from the organization of things getting done, while the children learn how to become a contributor to the household.


Mess is just a way of life for most families. But it does not have to overtake the home! By implementing these few ideas, life can go on at a much smoother pace.


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