Empowering Kids with Time Management

clockOur last guest post is from Janice:

One of the most important things I have ever taught my children was time management. From an early age I have gifted my children with lessons on how to be responsible for their schedules and times, which has had one of the most powerfully positive impacts on my family. I even began to teach them these skills when they could barely talk! With five children, it was imperative that I teach them these essential time management skills and tools so that I would not have to be the time keeper for everyone in the family.


Teaching my children these invaluable skills has, in part, allowed them to become the well-rounded, responsible adults that they are today. I don’t think my oldest daughter would be able to manage her own schedule as a full time law student and part time waitress if I didn’t instill in her time management and a sense of ownership of her time when she was young. She often calls me and thanks for me for helping her become very aware of how to best manage the hours in a day and keep track of commitments, appointments and schedules because it enables her to be successful in her law program, relationships, work and life!


My younger kids have a hard time adjusting to home when they return from their alternative boarding high school because all their time is managed for them while at school, so when they get home they don’t have that same structure. Luckily, they are armed with everything I have taught them while they were growing up, so they quickly adjust back to being utilizing their skills. They know that I won’t act as their time keeper, so they must immediately bounce back to self-reliance for all of their scheduling needs.


Teaching your children how to manage time is an extremely important task that simply cannot be overlooked. I have devoted a great deal of my parenting to instructing them on how to stay organized, be on time, reliable and dependable. I believe these are incredibly important life skills that position a child to be successful not only in their personal life, but in their career, education and all other areas of their life.

2 thoughts on “Empowering Kids with Time Management

  1. How did you teach your children time management? I am thinking now…have I ever thought them that? I think I am but how do you empower your kids?

  2. This was a guest post and I wish I had read it when my kids were young. I’m afraid I didn’t teach them very well about time management. I still have to wake the 20 year old so he won’t be late for work.
    What I did do was when it got close to their bedtime, I would set a timer for how many minutes they had left so when it rang, they knew it was beddy-bye time. It seemed to work and made the timer the bad guy, not me.

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