The Latest Developments In Vaping

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The vaping industry has evolved over time. It’s gaining traction really fast with more and more people embracing vaping as their preferred medium of smoking. Since the launch of the first e-cigarette in China in the early 2000s, vaping has continued to grow and numerous vaping products have since been invented and introduced to the consumer market.

In order to understand the latest developments in vaping, it’s essential that we get to understand the evolution of vaping products. Here’s a brief history of how vaping technology has evolved over time:

  1.   1st Generation Vaping Products

These vaping products were similar in appearance to the combustible tobacco cigarette with a slightly bigger size and more weight. They were famously referred to as Cigalikes and were produced in two models; the disposable model and the rechargeable model. They, however, didn’t have flavor options and could also not be customized.

  1.   2nd Generation Vaping Products

These vaping products came with a design similar to that of a pen. They were larger in size with rechargeable batteries that had a longer lifespan compared to those of the Cigalikes. They were also fitted with a clearomizer style tank.

They were portable, produced quality vapor, and were customizable in that they allowed users to adjust the voltage in order to achieve the best vaping experience.

  1.   3rd Generation Vaping Products

These vaping products are Mods and Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs). They were invented when vaping enthusiasts went a notch higher trying to create a vaping device that would provide all-round customization control for their vaping sessions. Mods and APVs became the ultimate solution to their need.

Mods and APVs have special features such as airflow control, temperature setting control, a digital display, voltage, high and variable wattage, as well as sub-ohm tanks. These features make them a bit more expensive than their predecessors.  

What’s Happening Now In The Vaping World?

Mods and APVs were a really big milestone that was achieved with regards to vaping technology but it didn’t stop there;

  1.  Developers of vaping devices are adding more features to them such as atomizers which use titanium or nickel wires which can carry a higher wattage. This has allowed for better temperature regulation. The nickel wiring allows for the creation of thicker vapor clouds and hits with more flavors.
  2.  The newest vaping trend is the incorporation of Organic Cotton Coils (OCC) which is a replacement of the commonly used cotton that is bleached and filled with impurities. OCC, however, is clean and safer with no impurities whatsoever.
  3.  Sub-ohm vapes are practically the best innovation ever in vaping technology. They produce big vapor clouds which make them more preferable by vape users.
  4.  Pod vapes that are fitted with LCD and OLED displays are extremely convenient to use owing to the fact that vaping sessions are easy to control thanks to the displays that show all the essential factors you need to keep track of such as temperature.


Contrary to popular belief, vaping technology keeps getting better and better by the day with more innovations and features being added to the vaping devices to make the vaping experience even better for consumers.

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