5 Tips to Lighting Your Home Tastefully



Whether you’re building your home or upgrading your existing space, you can add lighting tastefully and set up the right ambience and mood in your home. Rewiring a home isn’t easy, but worth the investment. However, if you’re living in a rented space, it might not be possible.

Proper lighting can curate your home for comfort and make it look expensive. Lighting can have a subtle, soft and glittering effect in your interior space. The right lighting can add magic to your room. It can define a room’s functionality and set the right mood.

Lighting has a dramatic effect on interior spaces. It can highlight your home’s positive attributes in the eyes of your visitors or even buyers, making it appear more attractive. Eye-level and overhead fixtures, including multiple lighting sources can illuminate your home and bring out the right ambience. Here are tips to help you light your home tastefully:

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Home Lighting in Style

1. Add Multiple Lighting Sources

Layer lights in your home for proper lighting. Different lights come in handy when performing specific tasks. For instance, the lighting you’d need for reading, a cocktail party, watching a movie or even just relaxing in your living room would differ. Pendant lights in the dining area can ground the dining table, creating a sparkling, ambient lighting.

Table lamps offer general lighting and a modern touch with their texture, shape and color. Sconces in entryways can be fixed above consoles with mirrors on the opposite walls to create a focal point. Sculptural sconces can make bold statements in your home. Recessed lighting can illuminate your artwork and reflect light away from walls for a better ambience indoors.

Floor lamps are perfect for reading. Complement pendant lights with recessed lighting in large rooms. Install swing arm on your master bedroom walls on both sides of your bed for easy reading when you need to. Layering different sources of lights at varying heights is the key to a complete and robust, lighting scheme.

2. Add More Windows

Windows bring in natural light indoors. Make sure your home has sufficient windows or large ones to ensure there’s enough natural light indoors. If you’re building your own home, consider large glass wall windows to bring in sufficient light indoors during the day.

3. Install Skylights

Skylights are also an excellent way of illuminating your home during the day. Use them if there’s no way to increase the number of windows in your home. They can be fixed on your roofing for optimal results.

4. Accent Lights

Add accent lights in your home to highlight certain artwork or objects in your home. Ceiling accents can highlight unique details on your ceiling with a touch of sophistication and elegance.

5. Clear Blinds and Mirrors

Clear blinds can allow more light into your home during the day for optimal illumination. Add a few mirrors in your living, bedroom or bathroom to reflect light for better lighting.

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