Living Room Makeover Ideas

Every once in awhile, you look around your home and find that you are bored with it. The same curtains have been hanging in the windows for years, your walls are old and maybe dirty, and you have been staring at the same artwork for what feels like forever. When you haven’t redecorated in awhile, it can get easy to grow accustomed to this kind of boredom. But it is easy to overcome. Making over your living room is fun, can be done well on a budget, and let’s you play with your creative side. There are a number of ways that you can give your living room a makeover, below are just a few to get you started.


eco friendly paint#1 – Paint the walls a new color. There is no quicker, easier way to redo your living room – or any room for that matter – than by painting the walls. Although it seems like a lot of work, and it will take you several tiring hours to do it, painting is surprisingly easy and has a huge impact on the feeling of a room. So pick out a new shade, and preferably pick one that is made by an environmentally friendly manufacturer, and roll up your sleeves and get started.



dish collection

#2 – Display a collection. Want to turn your old collection into fetching eye candy in your living room? It can easily be done, depending on what you have collected. Dishes and masks, for example, can be hung right onto the walls. Tea kettles or vintage salt and pepper shakers, meanwhile, need shelves to be displayed.


empty room#3 – Keep it simple. Sometimes the best way to redo your living room is to get rid of almost everything in it. This is a great option for a room that has its own elements of beauty like architectural detail. Lynn Morgan told House Beautiful about her own beautifully sparse living room, “I wanted it simple, clean-lined, and inviting, with a little bit of glamour and a lot of comfort.” Whites and other neutral tones can enhance this effect.


#4 – Accent with lush textures. Using accents to highlight different parts of your room is a great way to get bang for your buck. Invest in a few new accent pieces with rich, luxurious textures. For example, some velvet throw pillows can play off of a thickly textured area rug and a gilded picture frame.


zebra print pillows#5 – Get a little wild. Want to increase the drama factor in your living room? Try going on safari in your living room. According to Better Homes and Gardens, “A touch of animal print goes a long way in this vintage-inspired living room. Fun zebra-pattern pillows and an upholstered ottoman accent soft blue walls. Other furniture and accessories remain neutral, allowing the pattern to shine.”



#6 – Change the artwork. Many people hang up a picture in their home and then never move it again. But one easy, free way to really change up the look of your entire house is to totally rearrange the artwork. Move a collection of art hanging in your bedroom to the living room and take the living room wall hangings and put them in the hall. Just be sure that your new arrangements all match.


fireplace#7 – Upgrade your fireplace. If you have a fireplace in your living room, make sure you are maximizing its decorative effect. You can do this by clearing away all the tchotchkes on the mantle, using the fireplace to store your firewood artfully during the hot summer months, or by simply dusting it off and cleaning it. Don’t forget that your fireplace is more than just functional; it’s fashionable too. Spruce up your fireplace with fireplace décor and accessories.




indoor plants#8 – Add lots of plants and greenery to your living room. Nothing lights up a room like a plant. It also breathes oxygen into your home and removes carbon dioxide from it. Flowers are another great way to perk things up. Simply put some vibrant flowers in your favorite vase and display them on the fireplace mantle or a coffee table.


book stacks#9 – Build an end table out of your books. Got more books that you know what to do with? Put them to work by stacking them up into an end table. Hard covers work best for this, but soft covers can be added to the pile as well. And feel free to change the order and the books in the stack.







window curtains#10 – Rethink your windows. Windows have a huge effect on a room, so how you frame yours really matters. If you’ve had the same curtains for a long time, consider getting some new ones.









4 thoughts on “Living Room Makeover Ideas

  1. I love these ideas especially the advice to rethink the windows. We could stand a curtain update in our living room. I know I always get a little bored with our living room right at the beginning of the year and about mid-summer (now). Sometimes rearranging the furniture makes the room feel refreshed as well.

  2. These are some great ideas! I could definitely use some more space for my books I have tons! Thanks for sharing!

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