Make a Cute Cup Planter

plantersI saw a picture of a cute little cup planter on the cover of a friend’s magazine and thought what a great gift idea it would make. I didn’t read the article but just by looking at the picture, I could easily figure out how to make it.

So since I knew I was going to be visiting my sister in a few days, and I wanted to bring her a little something, I decided to try my hand at these adorable little planters.

This would be a great craft project for kids or adults.

Fortunately, I had most of the supplies. I did buy a few things but you  will probably have most everything you need for this project right in your house. The picture below shows a lot of things I had on hand (all the marbles and buttons for example) but I didn’t use a fraction of them for the 4 planters I made.

planter supplies

 Supplies Needed

Rubbing Alcohol
Paper Towel
Craft Glue such as E600, Crafters Goop, or Super Glue Gel
Paint Markers in your choice of colors
Small Rocks or Pebbles (you can use marbles if you don’t have any rocks)
Buttons of Your Choice
Cup and Saucer or Terra Cotta Pot and Saucer
Small Plant


 Step 1 Clean

clean cup

Pour a little of the rubbing alcohol onto a paper towel and clean all the surfaces of the cup and saucer that you will be painting on. Let it dry for a few minutes before painting.


Step 2 Decorate


decorate cup

Now the fun begins! Using your paint markers, decorate your cups however you want. Draw flowers, squiggles, stars, dots,  hearts or whatever you want. I found it best to do one color at a time and let it dry for a moment before switching to a different color.

After the paint has dried, you can glue your buttons on. I have a large button collection so I was able to find everything I wanted to use but if you need to buy some buttons, check out the ones I glued to the side of the terra cotta plant. They are little bugs and flowers. I got these at Walmart but I saw some at AC Moore too. Any craft or sewing store would probably have them. I just used some wire cutters to cut off the loop part of the button to make it more flat for gluing.

terra cotta planter

When gluing buttons to the side of a pot or cup, glue it on and then hold in place for a minute or two so it won’t slide down the side.

Glue buttons onto your saucer too.

Let everything dry for an hour or so before going on to the next step.


Step 3 The Dirty Work

Now it’s time to assemble the whole thing.

First put some small rocks or pebbles or marbles  into the bottom of your cup for drainage. Don’t skip this step, specially if you are using cups and not pots as you won’t have a hole in the bottom for good drainage.

add rocks


Add your dirt. Fill it up to about 3/4 of the way to the top.

add dirt


Plant your little plant into the middle of the cup or pot. I used jade plant cuttings (they root very easily) I got from my friend Irene.

plant the plant

The next step is to add some marbles around the plant. I already had plenty of marbles but I found some really cute ones at Walmart that had some flower shapes mixed in so I bought a bag and added them to 3 of the planters. Here’s what they look like:

plsnter marbles

The last step is to water your plant so it can settle in and grow in it’s new home.

water plant


Now you have a cute little plant to give as a gift or  put on your window sill.

Below are the photos of the finished planters I made:

cup Planter

This one I didn’t have a saucer for.




cup and saucer planter


terra cotta planter


cup and saucer

This is the one I gave to my sister and she loved it!

Happy planting!







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