How to Make a Pandora Like Bracelet for Under Fifteen Dollars

Do You Like Pandora but not the high prices? I made a bracelet for myself and my daughter and still have enough to make 2-4 more bracelets, depending on how full of beads the bracelet is.

Do they look as good as the real thing? Well, not to me because I know they aren’t the real thing. BUT, almost every time I wear my “Pandora” bracelet, I have someone compliment me on my beautiful Pandora bracelet. So it sure has fooled a lot of people.

Below are the pictures of them. Excuse the quality. I used my iphone to take the pictures. Mine is the “loaded” bracelet. The one I made for my daughter April has less beads because that’s the way she wants it.



Now if you look closely at my bracelet below, you will see several dangling charms. I wanted my bracelet to be personal to me so I did buy a few special charms. One has a little dog on it (I love dogs and have 4) one says “Nana” since I’m now a nana to my sweet little granddaughter and one says “Mom”.

Pandora like bracelet

I also got a few gold beads too since I wear a lot of gold. All together the special beads were about $40. I’m not including that in my $15 per bracelet total because you don’t have to get any special beads to make your bracelet look like a Pandora. By the way, the picture above is made with my newer (better) iphone and you can see, after almost 2 years, the bracelet still looks great!

Here’s what I bought to make these bracelets

Starter European Bead Bracelet Featuring Oversized Heart Lobster Claw Pandora Compatible
Starter European Bead Bracelet Featuring Oversized Heart Lobster Claw, Pandora Compatible, with White “O” Ring Stoppers in a Silver Gift Box (7.5 inches)

Now first let me state, before I bought this one, I bought 2 other starter bracelets. One was a black cord kind, the other a silver one with a pretty little chain bead stopper. The problem was the silver one tarnished within a few weeks and the cord one broke. So I bought the starter bracelet  above and have had it for about 3 months. So far, it hasn’t tarnished or broke. I do love the little heart clasp. So sweet!

This starter bracelet is available in multiple sizes. You can get it as small as 6 inches and as large as 9 inches. Make sure you get it larger than what you normally would wear if you want to add a lot of beads to it. Depending on the size, this bracelet costs either about $7 or $8.


Bundle Monster 40 Pc Antique Silver Plated Oxidized Metal Beads Charms Set

Bundle Monster 40 Pc Antique Silver Plated Oxidized Metal Beads Charms Set Mix Lot – Compatible with Pandora Biagi Troll Chamilia Bracelets

Next I got this big pack of silver beads. There are some really cute ones in there and I have plenty left over after I made the 2 bracelets to make several more bracelets. I’m thinking about making one with just all silver beads, and none of the colored ones. Right now, these are going for about $12.50. Below is a picture of what I have left over:

silver beads for Pandora bracelet


50pc Lot Lampwork Murano Glass European Mix Beads Compatible with Pandora

50pc Lot Lampwork Murano Glass European Mix Beads – Compatible with Pandora, Chamilia, Troll, Biagi

You actually get a large assortment of these pretty patterned beads; 50 beads in fact! I’m also thinking of making another bracelet with just these beads with no silver ones. These are running around $8. Below are the leftover ones:

colored beads for Pandora bracelet


So if we add up the costs for 6 bracelets:

6 starter bracelets at $8 each    $48

40 pack of silver beads    $12.50

50 pack of colored beads $8

Total                   $68

Divided by 6 equals $11.33 per bracelet so that is under the $15 I quoted in the title.  This would be great to make for Christmas presents or even buddy presents for all your friends. Or like me, I made one for my daughter and myself and plan on making one for my other daughter, my sister and my best friend.

If you’d like to check these out on Amazon, click any of the pictures above or click here:Pandora Style Beads.




20 thoughts on “How to Make a Pandora Like Bracelet for Under Fifteen Dollars

  1. That is brilliant. I’m going to make these for my daughters. AND yes, they are great gift ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Goodmorning
    Hope your having a great day. I so enjoyed reading this post about fabric sheets. Wow I learned a lot from this visit.
    I laughed at your comment this morning so I wanted to come by and explain to you about who Ms. Pear is on my site.
    She is what my followers call my alter ego. The inmates at work nicknamed me that when I would loose my temper from time to time. haha
    Thanks for visiting I always love it when you do

  3. How neat! I went with a friend who bought one for her kids godmother and I fell out when I picked up the one charm I liked was ofcourse $120!
    It was also funny when you said that it doesn’t look great to you! I feel like that when I knowt that it is not the “real” thing LOL

  4. Thanks Thomasina. Every time someone compliments me on my Pandora bracelet, I always wonder if I should tell them it’s not real or just smile and say thank you.

  5. Hello. I have a question that I hope you can answer for me.

    I’m new at it (european bracelet making) and while looking into ordering some starter bracelets in bulk online, I notice that the ones I’m interested in say “The both ends of the chain couldn’t be twisted off.” Does this mean that the ends to not screw off, to allow beads that won’t fit over it to fit onto the chain? the chain itself is 4.2 mm. My smallest beads will fit that but the claps are much larger. I’ve seen videos where the ends on similar bracelets, screwed off. I just would like to know. I don’t want to order them and find they are not what I wanted. I need the ends to be able to be removed so some of the smaller holed beads can fit on.
    Thank you for your time.

  6. I’m not sure Debbie. Do you have a link to that product so I could see?
    A lot of times, one end will screw off but not the other. But I’m not sure without seeing the page the product is on.

  7. Yeah the comments are being screwy. It popped up in my dashboard as 5 comments.

    Anyway, they sure didn’t word that very clear, did they? Those do look like the screw off. I think they were trying to say that only one end screws off, not both.

  8. omg i have been n here for hours looking for a simple page like this, i have looked all over great bulk bead websites and didnt know how to put it out, thanks , u explained like I am not smarter than a 5th grader and that really works for me!! loopyleah

  9. love this idea and I have to say that I was given a real Pandora bracelet a while back and the quality is not that good. So I was very disappointed taking into account how expensive all their pieces are. I think in the long run your kind of bracelet is going to give much more satisfaction to all those who wear it as there is nothing like having something for less than half the price of the real thing and especially when it’s hard to tell the difference!!!

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