Meal Plan Monday for August 8 thru August 14

Just did my grocery shopping and I’m ready to go this week.

Baked flounder
Baked potato

Beef Stew (I know this is the wrong time of year but it’one of my daughter’s favorites and she requested it.

Parmesan Chicken
Green Beans

Fried Potatoes and Onions

Fast Food Friday

Corn on the Cob

Strawberry Shortcake

My recipe this week can’t really be classified as a recipe. It’s more of a way of doing things. I’m talking about how I make hamburgers. I sometimes grill them and other times I broil them in the oven. Before I do this though, I mix my hamburger with some goodies.  And I have several different ways I do it. Sometimes I add finely chopped onion and about a quarter cup of worcestershire sauce. Sometimes I will add a packet of ranch salad dressing mic. Sometimes I add onion soup mix and sometimes I add ranch dressing mix. Just kind of depends on what I have on hand.   I also usually use lean ground beef, with 7% to 15% fat.

Do you do anything special when you make hamburgers?

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  1. Evelyn says:

    Sounds good! I like the hamburger ideas! I usually do breadcrumbs with my burgers, but other than that I do a lot like you…just add what I have on hand. I’ve never thought to use ranch dressing mix though!

  2. mommacat says:

    Thanks for sharing Evelyn. Bread crumbs sound like a great way to stretch the meat. I’ll try that next time.

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