Meal Plan Monday for September 19 thru 25

Hope ya’ll had a great week. Mine was good. I had a fun weekend. I watched my granddaughter until about 4pm and then went over to my friend’s house to a sleepover with 2 of my best pals. We stayed up until 3 am working on craft projects and watching Glee and The Mentalist on DVR. Then on Sunday we did more crafting and then went to a nice little cafe for a late lunch. Now it’s back to reality. But it was still a fun much needed break for me.

Now here’s my menu for this week:

Beef Stew

Spinach Manicotti

Kibalsa with Cabbage, Potatoes, and Carrots


Fast Food Friday

Grilled Steak
Brussels Sprouts

BBQ Beef Sandwiches
Fried Potatoes and Onions

I’m going to share my easy Ki balsa recipe. All you do is wash a head of cabbage and cut into sections, removing the core. Place into your crock pot. Add peeled potatoes, and baby carrots and Kibalsa. Cover with water. I put this on in the early morning on high and then cut it down to low after lunch. It’s ready by dinner time but adjust according to how your crock pot cooks. You can also do this on your stove in a large pot on high and it’ll cook in a few hours.

Extremely easy meal to put together and it’s great for those days when I’m not going to have time to prepare dinner in the afternoon. It’s also filling and cheap.


5 thoughts on “Meal Plan Monday for September 19 thru 25

  1. Thanks for sharing your recipe. I’ll have to try it. Always looking for new crockpot recipes. Just discovered your site so I’ll have to look over all of your back posts.

    Looking forward to it,

    1. Thanks for visiting Michele. I love crock pot recipes too. My crock pot is probably my most used appliance in the kitchen, except for maybe the Keurig.

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