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What you Need to Know about Microfiber Cloths

How to Use Microfiber Cloths


microfiber clothI have fallen in love with microfiber cloths. I have known about them for quite awhile but never thought to try them until my sister gave me a pack for my birthday.  These things are amazing and have cut the cost of using paper towels and commercial cleaners way down.

I first tried them on my computer and television because I assumed that’s what they were meant for. Little did I know all the neat things they can do!

Where to use Microfiber Cloths

  • Clean mirrors and windows . Just use 2 cloths, wet one and wipe the glass and then go over it with a dry cloth.
  • Great for wiping down leather furniture and leather coats. You can lightly dampen it with water but I really like using Murphy’s Oil Soap (diluted in a spray bottle to 2 parts oil soap to 8 parts water) instead of water.
  • Keep a microfiber cloth in your car to wipe down windows, mirrors and dashboard,
  • Great for dusting wood furniture. Use dry or with a little diluted oil soap like with the leather.
  • You can exfoliate your legs, preferably before shaving by running a microfiber cloth over it.
  • These cloths can also be used to exfoliate the dead skin on your face. Just use a light touch so you don’t irritate the skin.
  • Wash your car and use another one of these to wax it.
  • Cleaning blinds.

I found a few microfiber things at Amazon that I haven’t tried yet, but I want to:

microfiber mitts
These are made for washing and detailing your car.

Microfiber Detailing Kit 4-Piece (2 Towels, 2 Mitts)

Even though they are made for washing and detailing your car, these microfiber mitts look like they would make dusting furniture a breeze! Or even run them over your legs to exfoliate in seconds. Or wiping down blinds! I bet these would be even more handy than the cloths.


Microfiber Terry Bath Towel
Microfiber Terry Bath Towels

2 NEW Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Terry Bath Towel Luxury 32*59″


These I’m not totally sure about but I am very curious about them and want to give them a try. I can see where they would keep your skin smooth but I wonder if they feel weird on your skin.

Where to Find Microfiber Cloths

You can get microfiber cloths in a lot of places. I have seen them at the Dollar Store occasionally, and also at Walmart (in the auto section). I’m sure they are in other places too.

The ones my sister got me are actually microfiber dish cloths but I use them for everything. I love the cute design (I’m a Dots girl). I think she got these at Kohl’s but I found them on Amazon. Here they are:

Microfiber Terry Printed Juicy Dots Dish Cloth
Microfiber Terry Printed Juicy Dots Dish Cloth

DII Microfiber Terry Printed Juicy Dots Dish Cloth, Set of 4


Cleaning Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber Cloths do require a little extra consideration when cleaning them:

  • Don’t use fabric softener on them.
  • Don’t use bleach on them.
  • Wash separately OR wash with non-linty type of clothes.



Leave a comment and let me know if you have found any cool uses for these little wonder cloths that I haven’t thought of.

3 thoughts on “What you Need to Know about Microfiber Cloths

  1. I just bought some microfiber cloths at a craft sale from a company called Norwex because I was told they would remove the bacteria from my counter tops (they have silver imbedded in the fibers) they were very expensive but my husband and I are sick of smelly dishcloths so I went for it. After I received them I decided to do some research and found out that they clean so well because the fibers are so teeny tiny and that is what picks up the bacteria, then when you rinse it out and let it dry they all die! The silver is just an added bonus to kill bacteria but apparently not necessary. So I took my microfibers to task and started cleaning and man is it fun doing it without cleaners, soaps or detergents! First I dusted the TV and TV stand, the screen is so clean my husband thinks he got a new TV, wipe down the refrig handles, front of microwave, now they sparkle! but here is the real test; I have not cleaned the drip pans on my stove for weeks, I hate cleaning those things, I have to scrub and soak and scrub some more, so here goes microfiber cloth, lets see how good you are! WOW, I can’t believe it! It is cleaning the baked on junk with no soap, just some scrubbing and this is really weird, when I do have to use a green scrubby pad (again, no soap) after using the microfiber, it seems to come off easier than ever, don’t understand that but WOW. Cleaning is going to be so much easier now. I love you microfibers! Oh yeah the better the cloth you buy the better they work. The expensive ones I bought feel almost like a chamois, apparently the microfibers are much smaller and pick up more dirt. I am having my 15 year old test the cloths on his face, he has acne. So, invest in some cloths and enjoy cleaning again!

  2. Pretty cool Jean! I haven’t heard of the ones with silver in them. I wonder if the silver helps make them more abrasive and therefore picks up more of the difficult stuff?

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