Mothers Day Ideas

What do you do for Mothers Day?

happy mothers day

It’s almost that time again. That time of year when we honor those wonderful women who gave us life! Mothers Day! Many of us are moms. I know I am. I have 3 children, all in their twenties. My mother who is in her 80’s  is still here with us too.

With this upcoming holiday, it got me thinking of how most of us celebrate it.  I know some of these will be things you have already done, but other ideas will be new.

  • The mandatory breakfast in bed, made by the kids, who God bless them, leave the kitchen looking like a tornado hit it. Not to mention the yummy burnt toast and undercooked eggs mom feels obliged to eat.
  • Some moms are lucky enough to get taken out to eat for brunch, lunch or dinner.
  • If you are a church goer, you will most likely get a carnation if you are a mom on Mothers Day morning. I know in our church, we always had special little prizes given for the oldest mom, youngest mom, and the mom with the most kids.
  • Another time at our church, the dads made a special dinner and provided entertainment for all the moms. They served us too. It was quite fun!
  • One year, a mothers club that I belonged too held a mother/daughter tea at a nice restaurant. We all dressed up and even the kids had a great time.
  • I have heard of this but have not been a part of it.  It being a Mothers Day party. Invite all the mothers in your life to a special party in their honor. Everyone gets a special little gift. I love this idea. I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to hosting a party like this but maybe I’ll get lucky and get invited to one.
  • One of my friends spends a special Mothers Day with her mom. They go out to brunch, and then go shopping and on to dinner and a show.
  • One gift I keep asking my kids for, but they never seem to oblige, is the gift of time and service. Instead of a store bought present, I’d love it if they would do some chore for me that I have a hard time doing or just hate doing. Things I would like would be to get my car detailed; have my wood stairs mopped; or pretty up my yard by trimming the edges, weeding, etc.
  • Maybe a special weekend trip for mom, like to the beach, the spa or a quaint little bed and breakfast.
  • Some moms just want a quiet day at home, spending time with the kids. This is great but it’s even better if mom doesn’t have to do any work that day. She deserves a restful day off.

So, how will I celebrate Mothers Day? Well, I’ll probably get breakfast in bed. Fortunately, my son, who is 20 has a natural talent for cooking and really could be a world class chef if he wanted. He will do the honors and make breakfast.

Then my kids will give me their gifts. I will also give one of my daughters a gift since she is a mother too but her child is just a toddler and obviously too young to buy her mommy a gift.

Later, I will visit my own mother and give her a gift too.

For dinner, my son will probably grill steaks so I won’t have to cook.

That’s it for me. Simple, but I enjoy it.

How do you celebrate Mothers Day? Please leave a comment and let me know!






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