Get Rid of Musty Smelling Laundry

quick tip

A few weeks ago, I noticed a really musty smelling odor in my house. I figured out what it was . It was coming from my washing machine, Of course it was right before I went on vacation and I had already washed all my clothes I was taking and even had my bag packed. I threw a few fabric softener cloths into my bag and that helped some.

But what to do about the musty smelling washer. I pulled out my trusty gallon jug of white vinegar. I started the washer on the largest load and hot setting. I poured a few cups of the vinegar into the washer and poured some in the place where you pour fabric softener and where you pour bleach. I let the washer fill up with water and then stopped it for about and hour. Then I finished running it through all the cycles.

No more musty smell!

You may be worried that the vinegar will make everything smell like vinegar but it doesn’t. The vinegar smell disappears.


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