My Favorite Homemaking Blog Posts This Week

Yes, I admit it. I’m a blog addict. I have hundreds that I get feeds from in my RSS reader. Of course I only allow myself to read a few everyday otherwise I’d be reading blogs all day long and getting nothing else done.

It occurred to me that I’d love to start sharing some of my favorite blog posts with you. So maybe a few times a month, (I may make it weekly) I’ll share my 5 favorite homemaking¬† blog posts for that week.

So are you ready for my picks this week?

Here we go:

The first one is from and it has a scrumptious recipe for mini lemon meringue pies. My luck with making lemon meringue pie has been hit or miss but these little beauties look pretty simple to make and very yummy. Here’s where to find that post and recipe:

Next are 2 blog posts on the same blog which is . The first one is at and shows Melissa’s colorful kitchen. I LOVE that kitchen!

The second one is about speed cleaning and has some great tips along with a contest. You can find it here:

My 4th favorite homemaking article comes and it shows a great way to make your own professional looking chore charts for your kids or yourself. You can find it here:

Last but not least we have who has an interesting article on how to organize your linen closet. Her’s is small but looks really nice. And she folds her towels the same way I do like the way you see at spas. You can find the article here:

Okay, those are my favorite homemaking articles for this week. Do you have any you think deserve to be listed in an upcoming blog post? If so leave a link to it in the comments so I can take a look.



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