Need an Idea for Dinner? Check out Food DJ

Early last month, I got an email asking me to check out a new menu planner service. I have seen some of these before and some are pretty good but to tell you the truth, I never use them

Just in case this was something that I, or my readers might like and use, I did go and checked it out. It’s called and overall, I was pleasantly surprised.

It is completely free but you do have to sign up for an account and you log in with your email address and a password. I really don’t like having to open accounts for every service but I guess I understand why you have to do it with this one. You have a place to store your calendar and recipes.

After you log in for the first time, the site gives you a bunch of food words and asks you to pick 15 or more to describe your “food personality”. So I picked the 15 foods I use and like the most. From there you can go to the calendar where it will give you the title to a recipe for every day of the month. You can click on any title and see the actual recipe.

Each recipe will give you a description and picture, directions, and nutrition values.

The calendar was really interesting. You get 30  ideas for what to make using ingredients you normally use. So if you are stumped for an idea of what meals to include in your weekly meal plan, you can just go over to the calendar and you will find plenty of ideas.

You can also hit the “recipes” button in the top right corner and type what recipe you are looking for, say “spaghetti” and it will give you all the spaghetti recipes in it’s data base.  Or you can type something in the ingredients bar, an example would be “ground beef” and it will give you all the recipes in it’s data base that include ground beef in the recipe. This is great if you have no idea what to make but have some ingredients on hand.

So will I use this tool? I already have and I’ll probably continue to use it, specially when I’m too tired to come up with ideas for meals. This does the thinking for me.

So give it a try and tell me if you like it too.


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