No Green Thumb? Bring Nature Indoors With These Decorating Tips

White stone heart surrounded by other stonesWant to bring nature indoors but can’t seem to keep a plant alive? No worries. There are plenty of ways to incorporate nature into your home without even bringing a plant inside.


Grab your camera and take a trip to your favorite park or the beach. Photograph the landscapes you love. Then take them to be developed into an 8 by 10 inch or larger glossy print, get a nice frame and voila, nature indoors.


While at the beach, go on a treasure hunt for shells. Grab a tide chart and head out an hour before and after low tide. Also, collect sand to put inside jars and use as candle rests. The beach is an ideal source for design ideas.


Peaceful energy can be achieved through the addition of an aquarium where the life and graceful movement of fish balance energy.


Simply add river stones to your decor and instantly give the space a serenity representative of the deep forest. Individually place rocks on a windowsill, add a group of stones to a tabletop waterfall or if you’re really ambitious, add stacked stone to an accent wall. Do it yourself by picking up some veneer panels composed of cut stone pieces. You can install them easily yourself because no grout is necessary. The panels are attached to a backing and are installed into modules like tile, explains Stacked stone is a unique way to add warmth and texture.


One of the easiest ways to add a more organic landscape into your home is through wood elements. Tables, chairs, floors, window dressings, lamps … they can all be made from some form of wood.

If you want to go big, exposed wood beams gracefully open a room and add a natural feel. Whether stained a dark shade or left unfinished, beams bring a comfortable, rustic style to any space. Pay tribute to 17th and 18th century design by adding wood paneling to a wall. By simply adding pine wainscoting, rich hardwoods or reclaimed wood, you are giving your home a charm Mother Nature would appreciate.

If using railroad ties or other forms of wood timbers, keep out of reach of people and pets in case the wood has been treated with chemicals like creosote or other preservatives. Also, have a pest control service like Orkin search for termites, spiders and other critters before bringing indoors.

Fresh Air

Screen your windows and entryways so you can open your world to the refreshing outdoors. Soak in the natural light and oxygen that shines through. If it’s not possible to keep windows open, clean your home with all natural products and bring in essential oils that emit aroma of plants, grass, flowers, fruits and woods. Play nature-themed music.


Balance the serenity of water, air and earth aspects with elements of fire through candles, a fireplace or integration of warm colors (reds and oranges) into your color palette.

With the ever-increasing awareness of adopting sustainable practices into our lives, bringing natural elements into your home is a way to bond better with nature, feel the energy of the earth and keep everyone in the family cool and calm.


Veronique St. Pierre

Veronique studied at the Sorbonne and fancies herself the best pastry chef in the Northwest. When she’s not cooking for her children, she spends her time writing about DIY crafts and green living solutions.







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