How to Organize your Closet

cluttered closetI strive to be organized in every area of my life. But like most of us, I don’t always succeed. There are some areas that I am very organized in and my closet is one of them.

I have kept my closet organized for all of my adult life and it is definitely worth the small effort it takes to keep it that way. Things are so much easier to find and it helps me make my choices of what to wear much easier.

I wish I had a large walk in closet but unfortunately I have a tiny closet which makes being organized even more crucial.

Here are my tips:

Steps to Organize Your Closet

  •  Pull everything out of your closet so you have a blank canvas to work with.
  • Now look at your closet with a critical eye. If your closet is small, space is at a premium so you need to utilize every available space. That includes the back of the closet door, the floor, the shelf above the closet and possibly the space between the rod and the floor.
  • First, let’s see how much we have to organize. Go through all your clothes, shoes, purses and whatever that is usually stored in your closet. If the item is something you have not used  in the past 12 months, put in a pile to give away.
  • Items that are stained, tore or otherwise unusable, put in a pile to be thrown away.
  • Clothes that no longer fit should also go into the give away pile. Now, I know from personal experience that this can be hard to do. We all have dreams of fitting into those clothes again someday that are now 2 sizes too small. Ideally we should accept the fact that probably isn’t going to happen. What I finally did was just keep a couple of favorite pieces of clothing in the smaller sizes that I knew were classics and wouldn’t go out of style. I store these in those heavy plastic bags that bedspreads are often sold in. I figure if I ever do lose weight, I’ll have a few of my  favorites and I’ll also have a good excuse to buy new clothes.
  • After paring down your wardrobe to what you will actually wear, you need to decide what to do with it. I have my clothes sorted by type first, and color second. For instance, I have all my dresses to the far right. They are in an area in the closet that isn’t as easy to reach because I don’t wear them that often. Likewise on the far left which is also an area a little difficult to reach, is my blazers because I don’t wear them very often either. Next is my pants, then my tops. Both of these are easier to reach because they are a wear most of the time.
  • Once that the major clothes types are established, put the clothes in the closet in order of color. In my closet, I’ll have white first, then yellow, orange, pink, red, purple, blue, grey and black. Some of these colors may only have 1 or 2 clothing items within them, but having them in order still makes it super easy to locate. If you have a piece of clothing with lots of colors on it, just look at it and see which color stands out the most to you and put it in that color category.
  • Now that your clothes are put up, work on your other things. Decide what works best for you, but what I do is put my shoes in a shoe rack on the floor. I put my out of season clothes in a thick plastic bag that came with a bedspread I bought and I put it on the shelf above the clothes rod. I also put my purses and tote bags on that shelf too. I have several hooks on the back of my closet door. When I was working full time, I would decide on my clothing for the week, and hang those outfits from the hooks on the back of the closet door. It really helped me not to have to think about what to wear when I got up. I’d just pull an outfit off the door. Now I use those hooks to hang the cardigans that I use the most often.

How to Keep Your Closet Organized

When I change out my clothes for the season (it’s November and April in my area) I go through my closet and make sure everything is in place. I also check to see if anything needs to be thrown away or given away. I usually don’t have much to organize during these times since I have been good about hanging things up where they should go but just checking a few times a year keeps my closet in ship shape.

A Few More Tips to Save on Space in Your Closet

  • If you have a lot of clothes, get a second rod for your closet. Hang it half way down from the top rod. You have just doubled the hanging space for your clothes.
  • Or, instead of a second rod, you can put in a small chest of drawers for more storage space.
  • Consider using hanger cascaders like in the picture below to increase your hanging space.


Hope this helps the closet clutter challenged out there. If you have a good help for keeping your closet organized, I’d love to add it. Just leave it in the comments section.


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  1. If you can’t devote a few hours to cleaning out the closet and unpacking the boxes, try a little at a time, like 20 minutes or so. You’ll have it done in no time.

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