Celebrating Womens Friendship and Food

women friendsOkay, I can see you right now rolling your eyes at me after reading the title. “Sure, Cathy,” you are thinking, “just when I am supposed to find time to get together with my friends with all I have going on in my life?” I understand. I have been there. Heck even though my kids are grown, I’m still there!

We all have a lot going on. As women, we seem to take on much more than we should. Most of the time, there really isn’t much choice either. Sure, most of us would love to be the social butterflies we were when we were teens. Remember that? Passing notes to your friends in the hall at school. Talking on the phone all night. Slumber parties. Getting your underwear frozen if you fell asleep first. Wait a minute. That last memory was not so fun. But you get the idea.

When we were kids, we were social beings. When did that change? I guess about the same time our worlds became full of wiping little noses, potty training, and cleaning the puke out of the carpet. Then there’s the house, the yard, the husband, the parents, and for many of us the job or business. It’s no wonder many of us have let our friendships fall by the wayside.

There just isn’t enough time to have a social life. But really, we still need it. We still need the companionship of other women. We need to let loose and have fun once in awhile. Of course it can’t be as much as it was when we kids, but it’s important for our own mental well being to try to carve a little time out once in awhile to have some fun with your pals.

And it doesn’t have to be daily or even weekly. If you can set aside some time once a month, that’s a start. Although more often is better of course.

Are you wondering what kind of things you can do with your friends with such a short amount of time? Well, I’ll tell you what I do and then mention some other possibilities after that.

Once a month, I get together with 2 friends I have had for almost 20 years now and we do a fun craft and sometimes go out and eat. And just lately, now that we no longer have small kids at home, we make that a sleepover on the weekend so it’s almost like the slumber parties of youth. Just without the frozen underwear. So far.

Something else I do is belong to a Bunco group that meets once a month. Bunco is a social game, played with dice that is usually played with 12 people but at 3 tables in groups of four. And then depending on your score at the end of each round, you may move on to another table. So you end up playing with everyone eventually. During half time we pig out on great food and socialize. It is so much fun and really meets my need of fellowship with other women.

Something I have been toying with, but have to wait til things get a bit less crazy in my life is to join a book club. These usually meet once a week. I found several going on in my area at MeetUp.com .  That’s a great place to start looking for groups for lots of things that may be to interest of you, from dog clubs, to mom clubs, to sports groups.

Once my care taking duties lessen, I plan on looking for some more outlets to get my social groove on. I want to join a bowling league and I’d love to be involved in a business mastermind for other internet marketers. I’d also like to take some more advanced art classes. That’s for the future though. Right now, I’m happy with the several social outlets I have.

For those of you with small kids, try to find a mom’s group to join. When my kids were little, I went to MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) for about 8 years and was even the financial officer for the group.

There are plenty other mothers groups out there. If your kids are a little order, why not get involved with the PTA at their school?

Churches often have women’s groups so if you are in a local church, see what they have to offer.

Just look around and be open to opportunities that come your way. And don’t let husbands and kids others make you feel guilty about wanting to take a little time out for yourself. Our families sometimes forget that we are people too and not just robots here just to meet their needs.

Have fun!



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