Peacocks Inspire Eccentric, Chic Bedroom Décor

Peacock-InspiredSince ancient times, the peacock has been a symbol of wealth, royalty and rebirth. From their origins in India, cultures across the globe have adopted the peacock as a symbol of prosperity and decadence. Since the late 1800s, the peacock has been a popular piece of iconography throughout the western hemisphere. The rich, saturated hues of the birds’ body and feathers make the peacock the ideal inspiration and palette for a chic and sumptuous bedroom design.

Peacock- Inspired Bed

Spruce up your bedroom décor by adding chic peacock-inspired accents. Decorate your bed with a variety of throw pillows in peacock blues or feather prints. You can even use decorative pillows that feature a couple of peacocks. This will add some spice to your bedding. Look for luxurious sheets with a high thread count in a deep purple, rich blue or vibrant green.

Try using complementary colors such as shades of orange to accent the blues in your bedding.

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Beautifully Colored Accents

You don’t have to always decorate with peacock-patterned everything to pull off the eccentric peacock look. Use decorative candleholders for some flair. Incorporate furniture into your room with royal blue touches and burnt gold. If you think these colors will be too bold for your furniture, opt for a coal black instead, which will tie in all the colors of your room harmoniously. You don’t have to go out of your way to buy all new furniture, either. Do you have old furniture tucked away in storage? You can easily transform old furniture into a DIY project with some paint and new hardware. Look for inspiration in other parts of your home, too. If there are items that don’t mesh with your new theme, re-purpose or donate them. If you need to, look for a self storage unit for rent to store these items until you can get rid of or replace them.

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You don’t want to overpower your room or make it feel supercharged; select drapery in a fresh, clean and crisp white. Using white curtains will allow your space to feel open and calm while complementing blues, greens and purples.

Rich, Deep Colored Walls

For the ultimate peacock-inspired paradise coat your walls in a deep royal blue paint to create a rich but restful canvas. Add accents in peacock blue and black with hints of royal purple and burnished gold. If you’re looking for something more subtle, try painting your walls in a calming light color and paint one accent wall in a royal blue or emerald green. For a trending accent, try using peacock wallpaper or a wallpaper stencil instead of one solid color. Decorate your walls with artwork featuring peacock hues and prints. For a simple, chic and elegant look opt for a simple feather silhouette print in teals and whites.

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Lighting Makes All the Difference

Try using chic and elegant chandeliers in your room! Instead of hanging them from the ceiling, use a light fixture that attaches to the wall, which will add some decorative flair to your room. If you want to stick to a more traditional style, choosing a lamp with a crystal vase and white lamp shade will keep the space feeling chic.

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Another fun way to incorporate some lighting is to use some chandelier-styled candle wall sconces in an elegant white to pair with the peacock-inspired walls. Try placing a complementary color like coral for the candle sticks.

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  1. Thanks for sharing a collection of striking home accents inspired by the beautiful creature. From these gorgeous images we can make an easy way to make our home feel a little more regal.

  2. I know the only thing that creativity pays a lot. I can see the same thing over here. These are really the creative ways to decorate your home with the Peacock inspired theme and I can see the outcome in the images above.

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