Playing both Roles: Caretaker and Provider


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Single mothers who want a job with the best pay and the right hours can take advantage of the varied career prospects available in the market. But the search for the ideal job can be quite difficult at times. Listed below are the best job options that will allow women to care for their children while earning a decent income.

Education: Jobs in the education field are well-paying. Single mothers can either work online, at a daycare center, or at a school. You can work for online companies from home and thus be available for your children when they need you. Daycare centers and schools generally have the same working hours, which will allow you to be there for your children when they get off the bus.


Sales: A sales job offers single mothers a fulfilling and enjoyable career with great pay. Moms in sales can set their own work schedules, allowing them to be there to read a bedtime story or to hear the proceedings of the day around the supper table. The paycheck is normally dependent on commission, thereby allowing women to earn as little or as much as they want.


Freelance work: An increasing number of single mothers are opting for online work from home. Thousands of online job opportunities are available for mothers who are looking for great pay and flexible work hours.


Healthcare: There are many health care jobs that offer work opportunities outside the house with flexible hours. They also allow women to earn a decent income that helps provide a comfortable life for their children.


Real Estate Agent: This job requires you to sell, buy, or rent properties for customers. It is a very flexible job that involves studying property listings, interviewing prospective clients, listing new properties, showing clients a property or house, drawing up contracts, and clarifying the conditions of sale. Individuals need to take real estate appraisal classes and pass an exam to get a real estate license. The income is normally dependent on commission.


Medical Transcription: This job involves listening to varied recordings dictated by medical experts and then transcribing them into medical reports, administrative material, and correspondence. It is a well-paying job that can be done from home.


Graphic Design: This is another great job that offers single women flexible working hours along with good pay. Graphic designers create efficient solutions for communicating a message via color, type, illustration, photography, and animation. Newspapers, magazines, websites, corporate reports, and journals all use the services of graphic designers.


Marketing Consultant: Large businesses, the government, and several industries are always on the lookout for marketing consultants. Marketing consultants are instrumental in influencing the operations of various businesses by offering vital information and necessary tools. The job does come with rushed deadlines. However, the work hours are flexible and single mothers can telecommute from home.


Byline: Martha Burke recently found a freelance financial planning jobs with  Ever since she has been able to set her own work schedule, ensuring that she is able to care for her children when they get out of school.






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