Polish your Bedroom

Hello readers! This is Jessica and I’d like to thank Cathy who introduced me today on her blog, I am going to share about bedroom decorating and how anyone can polish their bedroom look. Follow me @Pinterest.

How to Polish Your Bedroom

How do you stop your bedroom from looking like a hotel room? It may be neat and tidy, but the impersonal nature of a hotel room is not to be desired in the one place where we should feel safe, secure and at the center of our own world. The solution lies in adding a few finishing touches that complete the room, while adding a distinctive element of the people who inhabit the room.

Seating for comfort

Put a big squashy armchair in a bare corner of the room or add an ottoman, padded on the top for sitting, but with plenty of storage space inside, at the bottom of your bed. If you like, you can drape a pretty scarf over the chair or pop a textured throw onto the ottoman to enhance the overall look and feel of the room. Having seating separate to the bed adds an aura of comfort to any room, and allows you to curl up for a few minutes (with a book, or simply to sit and think) without feeling as though you are having a nap!



Bedroom Heaboard Ottoman


Light up Your Life

Bedroom lighting should be soft and subtle at night time and when you are relaxing, but when cleaning and tidying, you may well want it to be brighter and clearer. For this reason it is wise to have a good overhead light as well as some softer side lights and bedside lamps. Visit home depot for lights range. Experiment a little with the lights and lamps in your room, switching the bulbs and moving the position of the lights until it feels and looks right. Even something as simple as changing the lamp-shade can work wonders to create the warm and welcoming glow that makes a bedroom look inviting and friendly.

Bedroom lighting


Set and Match!

Try to create harmony between your bedding and the curtains and carpet. If all three harmonize, the room already looks finished and complete – if not, the room looks scrappy and awkwardly put together. Yorkshire linen has a fabulous range of bedding solutions, in a wide range of colors and patterns which ensure that you will be able to find the perfect bedding set for your room’s color scheme.



Fresh Flowers

A vase of fresh cut flowers, or a small, neat pot plant add a homely, comfortable air to any room, and bedrooms are no exception. Keep the plant looking good by wiping any dust off the leaves and picking out any dead flowers or leaves, and make sure that the flowers have plenty of water to help them last as long as possible.



Plenty of pillows make a bed very appealing, while a bare one or two can seem quite Spartan and meager. Even if you take them all off the bed to sleep, invest in some large or ornamental pillows and cushions to add interest and a splash of color to the room.


The Details

Put a few small items on the bedside table. Books for a little light reading before bed, a water glass and one or two lovely knick-knacks, all inject charm and a touch of personality into the room. A framed family photograph will let you see your loved ones as you fall asleep, and precious ornaments will stir your sentimental side.



By taking these simple hints and tips into account you will be amazed at how polished and attractive your bedroom can look. You do not have to spend a fortune to create a warm and cozy haven for yourself, a place where you can let your hair down and completely relax, comfortable and surrounded by beautiful things.







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