Popular Bedroom Decor Trends for 2013

It is surprisingly easy to find yourself with a super packed schedule. If you are a parent, this basically goes without saying: there is almost always something that you should be doing. Whether you are picking up your children from soccer practice, getting a hot and healthy dinner on the table, or being productive at your office, you probably find yourself with little time to spare. That often means that the things you would like to be doing, but do not necessarily need to be doing, fall to the wayside. Home décor can often be one of these things. But having an updated, comfortable, and clean home can seriously improve your quality of life. So if you like decorating your home, find the time to do it! And if you only have a very small amount of time, consider starting with your bedroom. Your bedroom is where you sleep, where you get most comfortable, where you go for total relaxation. So indulge yourself and make your bedroom beautiful. Below are some popular bedroom décor trends for 2013.

Décor Tip #1 – Finally try some feng-shui!

You have probably heard of feng-shui before, but maybe you never tried it. 2013 is a great time to start, especially if you have been feeling a little bit stressed lately. Feng-shui is the practice of putting the furniture and other objects in a room in a way that creates a positive energy, also known as a “chi” in the room. The idea is to bring in the following elements: earth, water, wood, metal and fire. Try incorporating some natural elements like plants, which actually remove toxins from the air, thereby purifying it for your health, or adding some wood, which is known to bring out your creativity, flexibility, and strength. Mirrors work well too because they reflect light into shady areas, improving the room’s energy.

Décor Tip #2 – Create your own private relaxation retreat.

If you have the opportunity to do a complete remodel of your bedroom, consider making the space reminiscent of a relaxing retreat. One leading designer and builder from the Hamptons, Jeffrey Collé, said “More than ever, homeowners are seeking open, spacious bedrooms with cathedral ceilings, large his-and-hers walk-in closets and bigger master bathrooms, complete with double sinks, vanity televisions (for him) and televisions near the bathtub (for her).” A colleague of his, Elizabeth Noack of Faulkner Design Group, echoed Collé’s sentiments.  “Lighting is key in bedrooms,” said Noack. “Life is so busy for everyone now and even at home the chaos ensues. The bedroom has become a retreat for people to come home to. It’s a place to feel quiet, serene and peaceful. Of all the rooms in your home, the bedroom is usually the biggest reflection of yourself. It’s where you want to feel the most safe and peaceful.”

Décor Tip #3 – Go green – in more ways than one!

People care about the environment more than ever and there is no reason not to incorporate that eco-friendly consciousness into your bedroom décor. There are a lot of ways to do this. If you’re repainting (more on that in a minute), choose environmentally friendly paint that is free of chemicals and other pollutants and toxins. If you are updating your bedding, choose something made of organic materials. These are also free of dangerous chemicals that you can breathe in. On top of “going green” in the environmental sense, 2013 is also the year for the color green. Look for cool greens, not “granny apple greens.” Emerald greens and dark forest greens are great options on the other side of the green color spectrum.

Décor Tip #4 – Go modern and sleek, like a hotel.

If you have been to a fancy hotel lately (lucky you!) then you may have noticed the minimalist, sleek décor in the bedroom. Try to think of this as inspiration for your bedroom. Get rid of the wall-to-wall carpeting if you can and replace it with hardwood floors. It might sound crazy, but a lot of people are even adding mini-bars to their bedrooms. You don’t need to stock it with alcohol – just your favorite snacks and drinks! Add some sleek lamps to your matching, modern bedside tables.

About the writer: Michelle Lim writes about modern décor and bedroom décor ideas for Chicago Luxury Beds. Michelle enjoys relaxing at home working on home décor projects for her home when she’s not writing.

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