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cleaning furnitureAt first glance it may not be apparent but your home is a living and breathing part of you. It ages, it peels, and it becomes untidy. Unfortunately, like most living and breathing entities, your house cannot clean itself. And, especially when you have a young family, keeping your house tidy can start to become a full-time job.

Possibly the best tip that I can give when it comes to keeping your home tidy is summed up in the old adage, “A stitch in time saves nine.” When you allow the clutter in your house to build up, it takes much longer to clean than if you tidy up as and when the house becomes untidy. For example, if you clean the toothpaste from the bathroom sink immediately it takes but a few seconds; try doing it after a couple of days though and you may need a hammer and chisel.

Much of the mess in the house revolves around the kitchen. Once again, small children, bless their little souls, are the main culprits. Other than perhaps recommending that you buy a dog and allowing them to come and “vacuum” the floor after your children have eaten, it is imperative that you clean immediately after children have eaten; otherwise they can and will step on dropped food resulting in a longer and more frustrating cleaning process. Similarly, assuming you are not using a dishwasher to clean dishes after a meal, it is easiest and quickest to wash plates and cutlery before the food has congealed on them.

Another way to save time and effort when tidying the kitchen is to do whatever needs tidying when you are waiting for your meal to heat up in the microwave. Why go and sit down for the few minutes it takes to warm up your meal? If you are already in the kitchen, tidy up whilst waiting for your meal to heat up.

Outside the house, in your yard, similar rules come into play; the difference being that there are many potentially hazardous objects outside your house. Toys with wheels are an accident waiting to happen, especially if there are stairs in the vicinity. Gardening equipment can also be sharp and dangerous if left lying around. Storage solutions such as deck boxes for smaller items and plastic sheds for larger items are quickly and easily utilized to keep the area tidy.

Just remember that cleanliness is next to godliness and the quicker the better.
Written by Sharon R., a neat freak!





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  1. Well, I don’t have children yet but as a proud dog owner I can say that pets can be just as messy as children. These tips for quick tiding up around the house are really useful and I would definitely try them to see how well they work.

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