Quick Tip-Keep your Chains Untangled in your Jewelry Box

Easy Way to Keep your Necklaces and Bracelets Straight and Tangle Free

necklace holder

I can’t tell you how many times I have struggled to untangle my jewelry in my jewelry box. A few pieces, I never did get untangled. And a few more actually broke while trying to get them untangled.

I saw this tip in Woman’s World magazine and it really does work! Just take a straw and cut it to half the link of your chain. Then just slip one end of the chain through to the other side of the straw  and clasp the necklace.

It may look a little strange to have all these straws in the drawer of my jewelry box, but they don’t get tangled anymore!





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  1. But what if you have big bulky necklaces? How do you keep them from getting tangled?

  2. Good question Kelli. I wouldn’t think they would get as tangled as small necklaces but it wouldn’t hurt to try this for them too if they do get tangled

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