Quick Tip-What you can do with plastic Newspaper Bags

recycling tipIf you are one of the few people who still gets a newspaper, or maybe your parents or neighbors do; ask them to save the bags that newspapers come in. Even though they aren’t really big enough to line trashcans or hold much but I have foundĀ  a few things they come in handy for.

These long, thin bags are great to keep in your diaper bag. They come in real handy when you are out and about with your baby, and you need to change the baby’s diaper. Sometimes, there isn’t a place to dispose of the diaper. These bags are great to hold the diaper until you can get to a trash can. Just tie the end, and it cuts the smell a long with protecting your bag from the mess.

These are also good for holding soiled cloth diapers until you can get them home to the laundry.

I also use these for when I take one of my dogs for a walk. I just tie a few to the leash, and when they do a poop, I just use the bag to pick it up, tie it off and dump it in the trash when I get home.

Even though newspapers are hardly “green” reusing their bags is.





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