5 Best Recipe Apps for iPhone Users

iPhone-4SBelow is a guest post about the 5 best iphone recipeĀ  qpps. As an iphone user, I have been having a great time checking out these apps! so check them out if you have an i phone.

We often find ourselves busy doing our work at home or at the office that we often lose sight of the fact that the key to performing well is a well – nourished mind and body. This we can do when we prepare the right meal by picking out and preparing the best recipes. However, if we are too busy, how can we find the time to pick the right recipe for our sumptuous meal?


Fortunately, there are recipe apps for our iPhone which serves the answer to this problem. Here are the top five recipe apps which everyone should have on their iPhone, especially if they are looking to satisfy their empty stomachs.

1. AllRecipes.com Dinner Spinner

First, we have the AllRecipes.com Dinner Spinner, wherein the user simply feeds information on the ingredients he wants to use, the type of meal to be served, and how long he wants to cook it. The user can even give additional information if he wants a vegetarian or low – fat meal. Once the data is entered, AllRecipes will now get to work and provide several recipes from which a choice can be made. When compared to other recipe apps, this is so far the only one which lets the user choose what type of meal he would want, so that the choices are relatively narrowed down.

2. Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook

Second, for those who are in the mood to try out their baking skills, then they simply cannot go wrong with the Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook wherein over 4,000 recipes, complete with pictures, are provided over which the average baker can choose from. Whether it is a cupcake, cookie, or a cake, all we need to do is to provide the ingredients which we want to use and let Betty Crocker suggest the best way to satisfy those hunger pangs!

3. BigOven

Third, the BigOven is simply what is says it is, a really big oven providing over 170,000 recipes to choose from. As with other recipe apps, all we need to do is to punch in the ingredients we want and presto! A list of recipes for delectable meals which we can easily choose from is now flashed in front. Users also get to rate the recipe if its good or bad and will also encounter no problem if he would like to use it again in the future since it can be listed as the user’s favorite. For those individuals who want to use the same recipe despite months passing by, this is the app which they really should have.

4. Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List

Fourth, we have the Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List wherein we can easily browse over the 25,000 recipes which it has in its storage. Once the user finds a recipe to his liking, he can have the same easily stored in his “shopping list” and even email it to a friend in an instant if he wants to share it. Like all other recipe apps, it also provides filters providing a wide array of choices to which the user can pick from so that this app can easily offer the recipes from which he can go for.

5. McCormick Recipe Finder

Last, though well known in the spices department, the McCormick Recipe Finder does more than that as it has a databank of over 1,000 customized recipes by the McCormick Company. It provides a very detailed account of how to produce the sumptuous dish, and guarantees that no user has ever tasted something like it ever before. For users who love to experiment and try out a variety of spices on their recipes, then they should consider having this app on their iPhone.

Now, cooking has become easier than ever, as individuals can look through a multitude of recipes at the palm of their hand. With these recipe apps for iPhone, preparing a meal has become more fun than ever!
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