Relocating for Less

moving dayIt’s that time again, and you are about to make your next house move, or if it’s your first time, your very first home move. This is often a stressful and chaotic time and it’s essential to plan and budget your move. It’s essential to plan before you begin your move, not the day before or the actual day of the move.

First of all, what budget have you got to work with? An estimate is better than nothing, but if you know how much you can spend, you can also plan where you can spend it. So get pen and paper out and jot down an approximate budget; this can be adjusted as the plan evolves.

Every room you pack up and move will have different types of furniture or items that might be delicate or expensive. Separate your plan into a room-by-room itinerary. Your bulky furniture will take up space, so packing these items together is a good idea.

Items like your TV and electronic equipment will need to be treated as delicate, or else you might well blow your whole budget on a new plasma screen (try to avoid doing that). Smaller items and clothes are usually the easiest thing to pack, but it’s always useful to use this time to sort of things that aren’t needed. Clutter isn’t something you should take with you to your new home, so get rid of it now. You’ll thank yourself later.

Think about the day of the move when you purchase the boxes you plan to use. Cardboard boxes are cheap but they are also flimsy, and have little to no protection from knocks and scrapes. Purchase some sturdy plastic containers. They come in a variety of sizes and can be reused for additional storage, and they often fit into one-another, helping to secure your possessions when you relocate. Label everything as they are packed away. Why? Because it becomes a nightmare trying to unpack. It’s always better to put in the niggly work now, rather than ripping open every box or container later when you are trying to locate the kettle.

Now it’s time to think more about the day of the move. Are you able to move from your current home to your new property on the same day as the move? If yes then you are fine in this respect, but if there’s a delay, then you need consider some sort of storage, so please take this into account. If there is any delay in moving from one property to another there are various options available for self storage. It might help to get everything packed away if you are considering doing any paint work or remodeling at your new place.


Your plan should be coming together nicely.  Now from plan to action: the big day has arrived. There are a few options to consider. You can hire a van and move everything our self, you can hire a packing and Removal Company to relocate you in London or your new city, or, you can pack everything into your car and make multiple trips. Budget all of these out and get the actual costs. Insurance is essential, so you’ll need to have this in your budget. Remember the plasma screen? Trust me; you don’t want to have to buy a new TV.

Move in the bulky furniture first. It is the most difficult to maneuver and you won’t want anything getting in your way.  Then move in the expensive things. Some TVs and electrical equipment will need additional brackets so have your power drill ready. Then get the rest in. You might have the luxury of leaving these things in boxes.

However you choose to pack and move to your new home, please ensure you plan as much as possible before you start the actual move. It might sound boring – to be honest it is – but it will save a lot of frustration and grey hairs later. Give yourself plenty of time and start at least a month before you plan to move. Know what is in store, know your budget, and you’ll be able to spend wisely. Make sure you get a good level of insurance for your possessions. The more you do now, the less stress later.








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