Shop Wisely Using Coupons And Other Specials

grocery shoppingEver wonder why manufacturers invented coupons? Well it was an easy incentive to get consumers to try their products. Back in the day, you could only find coupons in the newspaper, and occasionally magazines and sometimes on the product itself.

You can still find coupons in those places but now there are other places they are available too. Here are some great sources.

The Sunday Newspaper is still the place most people look first for coupons. Look for coupons on things you normally use or would like to try.

Also look for coupons that let you get free items. Sometimes it’s for a free trial size item. Other times it’s for a buy one, get one free item. The ones that give a free sample item I would go for even if it isn’t something you normally use. If you won’t use it, give it to someone who will. Or just give it a try yourself. You might find a new favorite product.

Some of your best bargains are when you combine coupons for sale items. Check out the newspaper circulars for your favorite grocery stores to see what’s on sale that week.

Or go online and google your grocery store. Most of their sites will have a place where you can either get email weekly notices of what’s on sale or you can just enter your zip code and it will tell you the weekly sales. The weekly store specials sometimes include store brands and generic brands. I encourage you to give them a try. Usually they are the same quality as the name brands. Many are even made by the name brand companies. They just don’t have their brand on them.

You can often get printable coupons from your store’s website. And do a search for “grocery coupons”. You will come up with loads of places to get printable coupons. A few of my favorites are , and

And my new favorite site is You put in your zip code and it gives you all the weekly deals from all the grocery stores in your area. And you can put whatever food items you want in your grocery list on there and it will find you the stores in your area who are having sales on those items. Then you can just print the list and you know where to get the stuff.

Don’t just check grocery store sites. Check all your favorite store sites. You can often find some great coupons.

Another tip I have learned. Go around the house and make a list of all the items you really like. Write the manufacturers and tell them how much you enjoy their product. They will often send you coupons, and sometimes even free samples! It’s definitely worth the time it takes to do it.

Lots of stores offer store savings cards. It’s a free card you sign up for and then whenever you buy something, you hand the cashier your card. You will get extra savings off your grocery bill. Sometimes the store will send you coupons for things based on your purchase history at their store.

My last tip is to even with the sales, and coupons check to see what is the best deal while grocery shopping. Sometimes a different brand or the store brand will be a better deal.

What are some of your favorite tips or ways to get coupons?



2 thoughts on “Shop Wisely Using Coupons And Other Specials

  1. A very frugal friend of mine has also taken it one extra step. She has a small notepad in her purse that she’s taken the time to write down the common grocery items she purchases and the regular price each of her favorite stores sells the item for. Then when something goes on sale, she quickly refers to her notepad to see if it’s worth going to that store and checks her coupons to see if she can make it an even better deal.

    All good tips here. 🙂

    Many blessings,

  2. Good tip Rosann. I forgot about that one. I did that years ago. I called it my price book. I guess after so many years of grocery shopping, I now know in my head how much things we buy usually cost so I quit doing it. But I think that’s a great tactic!

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