Why I Am Really Doing This Site

I bet you had definite ideas of how your life would turn out when you were young. I know I did. They weren’t very grandiose, and some people might think they were somewhat bland.

I pictured my life like this:

ranch houseI would grow up and be beautiful with a Barbie Doll figure. I would meet the man of my dreams who would also be my soul mate and best friend and we would¬† get married. My parents had a marriage like this so I know it is possible. Of course, he would have a great job, so I wouldn’t have to work.

I would have 3 children, all boys and I would have a beautiful, comfortable brick ranch style home on a few acres of scenic land with a pond. I would spend my days being Suzy Homemaker and Super Mom to my 3 wonderful sons, and I would spend my free time working on my art which I would have my own little side business selling in galleries.

I would also have several pure bred dogs that I bred myself. Of course, I would entertain in my beautiful house and all my friends would be envious of me. I would live happily ever after.

Well… not much of that above dream came true. No Barbie doll figure for me. I have struggled with my weight since having kids. I’m not beautiful either. The best I could be described is “cute”. On a good day. I did get married, but it didn’t work out. I did have 3 children but 2 of them were girls. I do have a home but it’s a 2 story house in a middle class neighborhood. I do sell my art work but I sell online and at local craft shows. I do have dogs but because I tend to be such a softie, my dogs are castoffs from others. I don’t do any entertaining and I’m pretty sure none of my friends are envious of me. And unfortunately, I’m no Suzy Homemaker.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m very grateful for all I do have and I’m proud of what I have been able to accomplish. But it’s just not how I thought my life would be. I bet your life isn’t how you thought it would be either, is it?

That’s ok though. This is real life and real life has it ‘s challenges, it’s hard times as well as good times.

So you still may be wondering why I built a site on homemaking. I mean I just admitted I’m not Suzy Homemaker. No, I’m not. Martha Stewart has nothing to worry about from me. But I do have plenty of tips to share that I have learned over the years. I have learned to be somewhat organized, what with raising 3 children and now helping to raise one grand child, running 2 businesses, taking care of a disabled aged parent and running a house. You have to be organized to handle all of that! And one of my missions in life is to make a comfortable, happy home for my family and for myself.

One of my businesses is in building niche websites. After I build them, I tend to forget about and just do maintenance on them periodically. In an online class I took, it was suggested that having these niche sites is good, but that webmasters really need to diversify and have several passion sites. Sites in subjects that they are really interested in and will not have a problem writing about for years on end.

After soul searching, and trying to figure out what I wanted my passion site to be about, this site is what I came up with. And of course I had to add “Frazzled” in the title because truthfully, that’s what I often am.¬† But that doesn’t negate what I can offer in the way of homemaking advice, right?

I have taken a chance by revealing some pretty personal things about me. Now, I’d love to know what your dreams were as a child and how many of them came true. Please leave a comment and share!

4 thoughts on “Why I Am Really Doing This Site

  1. This is awesome, Cathy! I love the site, totally dig the name, and loved your personal sharing! I’m thinking a blog post would be great in response – will try to squeeze that in between all of my frazzledness! LOL!

  2. First – Thanks for the freebie Friday! I just got a few of the books and they look great! I think you are a beautiful and a super talented woman! Thanks for the great information and for sharing yourself and time! Have a great weekend – see you on Monday!

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