Step by Step Guide to Organize a House Warming Party

party spreadThrowing a housewarming party after moving into a new house is an ideal way to meet new neighbors, talk to old friends and celebrate the new home. Organizing such a party is no difficult task and following the given steps will make sure that everyone is well-fed and happy.

• First step is choosing who to invite. If relocating to a new neighborhood, make sure that you invite all the neighbors to ensure friendly relations. Regarding friends and acquaintances there is no need to invite everyone you know, or just one crowd. Inviting different types of people and then mingling and making introductions allow guests to meet different people instead of just sticking with their friends.

• Instead of sending invites in the mail, it is best to email the guests about a month in advance with the necessary details such as the date, time and venue. If you wish to throw a themed party or want your friends to bring something, make sure you have it written on the invitation. Sending reminders is also a good idea, one about two weeks in advance and one a few days prior to the event, and containing driving directions. If you do not know the email addresses of your new neighbors, then it is best to slip a casual invite under their door and/or invite them personally.

• As for the seating, arrange poufs, stools and pillows on the floor to open up space. Most people will also probably stand.

• Make a music playlist. Don’t leave it till the last minute otherwise with all the work this will easily be overlooked.

• Food is one of the most important aspects. Keep the food simple and delicious, there is no need to try out new recipes and risk a disaster. Maintain a balance with food items such as chips, fruits and vegetables which guests can easily pick up and eat without a plate and items which require guests to take a plate and a fork such as nuts and meat. The variety makes sure that you adhere to everyone’s dietary restrictions. Place the food in a buffet style over a large space so people can congregate and chat. Have a variety of juices and drinks as well.

• Giving a house tour is one of the main attractions of a housewarming party. Guests won’t arrive at the same time, so be prepared to give a few short tours (10 minutes max). When giving the tour, make sure that there is someone, friend or family near the front door to greet newcomers. Make the tour more enjoyable and entertaining by telling your guests interesting stories such as a funny incident that happened when you moved in or the interesting story behind a certain painting.

• When you wish for guests to leave, throw subtle hints like dim the lights, reduce the volume of the music and serve beverages like tea or coffee. Start the process about half an hour before you wish for the party to end.

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4 thoughts on “Step by Step Guide to Organize a House Warming Party

  1. You wrote – “Food is one of the most important aspects. Keep the food simple and delicious, there is no need to try out new recipes and risk a disaster…” I can tell you my story but I am still too embarrassed to. I recently had a guest in my home and I did the exact opposite and was it a disaster!. Follow this simple advise and it will help you avoid disasters. Thanks for this article. Wish I had read it three weeks ago…

    1. Hey Tejas, don’t feel bad. I came by that advice from experience. LOL.

      Now if I know something is coming up and I want to try new recipes for it, I’ll try out the recipe a week or so before the event on my family first. If they like it and it wasn’t too difficult to make, then I’ll make it for the event.

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