Survival Guide To Keep Your House Clean With Toddlers

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Below is a guest article on keeping your house clean with toddlers. As I am dealing with that now (see the little angel on the phone in the picture) I added a few of my own notes to Mike’s.


There’s milk from breakfast spilt on the table and floors. There are building blocks all through the house and stuffed toys in the most oddest of places. You have a mountain of washing in the bathroom and a toddler desperately seeking your attention. Are the days of a tidy clean home gone with parenthood?
A tidy house is still indeed possible. Here is your no nonsense survival guide to keep your house clean with toddlers around.

Keep Your Washing Under Control

When it comes to washing and Ironing it’ best to do a small load daily. If your clothing basket doesn’t fill up to quickly you could do a load every second day. Put a load of washing on before your child wakes. Let them dry through the day and then iron them when your child goes to bed.

Editor’s Note: What’s an iron? Actually I know what it is but haven’t owned one in years. I hang things immediately from the dryer and spritz them with a dryer de-wrinkle spray if needed. When buying clothes, I check the labels and never buy anything that needs to be ironed.

Do Not Wait to Clean Up Mess

If little accidents happen then clean these up the second they do. A few little accidents when left alone while you give your attention to other things can suddenly turn into a trail of easily avoidable messes.

Editor’s Note: Amen to this! Best advice you can get. If you catch things before they have a chance to set in or harden, or be tracked throughout the house, you will make things so much easier on yourself.

Dedicated Space

Having a space strictly for play is a great way to stop the tornado of toys tearing through your house daily. A separate room is great if possible or buy them a special rug that they can use as their play space. You can also have clean up time with your child before their bath so that they learn that their toys need to be packed away after they have finished playing. Eventually your toddler will start packing away each toy after they are finished with it and clean up time may not even be needed.

Editor’s Note: Love the idea of a special rug. Also I learned from my granddaughter’s pre-school teacher a clean-up song that we sing when it’s time to clean up. It really helps! Just use your own simple tune and the words are:

“Clean up, clean up
everybody everyday
Clean up clean up
everybody everywhere”

Schedule Tasks

Writing up a schedule for all of your home duties is a great way to make sure that all of your weekly tasks get done. It also makes for a more stress free clean if accidents do happen. You can have all your cleaning routines spread out over the week and even add times for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even your toddler’s bath and bed time if you feel it will help you more. Put this on your fridge or somewhere else where you will see it every day.

Remember a house can look lived in especially when you have children. No one is going to judge you for having something out of place or a few crumbs on the kitchen table from lunch. If you forgot to wipe up before your guests arrived don’t worry. They will be more interested in how well yourself and child are.
Following this survival guide will not only make home life less stressful for you but you will end up finding yourself with some time left over to read a good book or finish that painting you started before your child was born. The best part is with is a routine you will even have the energy to want to use your free time doing something for you.

Mike is a stay-at-home dad taking care of 2 children, who love spreading their building blocks all over the floor. Since his wife works, Mike is responsible for the daily house work. After struggling for a bit, Mike is now totally in control. He even manages to have spare time, which he spends blogging.







9 thoughts on “Survival Guide To Keep Your House Clean With Toddlers

  1. Great ideas! I put a hamper in each bedroom….ours, the boys and our girl. Then I only do a load of one hamper at a time…that way it’s easier to wash, dry sort/fold and put away right away. If I don’t mix family members’ stuff, it makes it quicker to sort…it’s all going to the same place. Then I keep towels/sheets separate also.

  2. I like those ideas Michelle. Do you wash the whole load in cold water so you don’t have to do a bunch of tiny loads?

    Oh, I tried to email you about your guest post idea and give you some Amazon info but the email came back saying the host domain rejected the email.

    Anyway, I love the guest post idea so please send it on when ready and if you want to email me using a different email, I’ll send on that Amazon info.

  3. I forgot…I just wash in warm. I read somewhere that it’s not a big deal any more combine colors, whites, etc., If I want to bleach, I’ll pull out whites (usually just the husband’s shirts, so no big deal). That’s the only change I make.

  4. Hi I’m Heather! Please email me when you get a chance! I have a question about your blog. HeatherVonsj(at)gmail(dot)com

  5. You can never escape the mess in your house as long as there are naughty kids around. Anyway, try to teach them to organize their own things. Little by little they would be able to make it on their own.

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