Pet Gourmet! Cooking For Your Pet can save you Money

Here’s are next guest post and it’s about one of my passions. Dogs! A few months ago I met Carrie. Carrie is a vet living in rural Wisconsin and mom to 11 furry children. Her Australian shepherds are bright-eyed smart little fellas ready to please, play and work. While Carrie and I enjoyed a cup […]

How to Keep Your Dog Safe During Fireworks

Summer can be a scary time for dogs. There is the 4th of July holiday with all the fireworks. And then there are usually lots of thunder storms in the summer with the booming thunder. Not all dogs are sensitive to these loud noises. I have 4 dogs. One of them is deaf and another […]

Trick-or-Treating Tips for Families with Dogs

Wow, hard to believe it’s October already! This year is just flying by. With October comes Halloween. I have a guest post today provided by Dr. Martin Glinsky of SmartBones with tips on how to keep your pets safe during Halloween. As a special treat The Smart Bones Company has offered us a cool prize […]