The Lorax Tree

When I went to visit my sister a few weeks ago in Blacksburg Virginia, she and my nephew CJ gave me a bookmark that they got from Ihop. I’m sure you have seen the commercials for it.

Here’s the bookmark minus the attached seed thingie that my grandbaby MayMay already pulled off.

The Lorax Tree seedMayMay was so excited to get to plant this tree. But first we had to put it in water and let it soak for 24 hours. She must have asked a dozen times if it was time to plant the tree yet.

Seed in Water

Finally it was time to plant!

May emptying dirt

Wow! May actually emptied a good sized bag of dirt all by herself.  She loved feeling like a big girl by doing this all on her own.

May planting her seeds

Next she planted her seed.

May watering her tree

Then she watered her seeds.

Dirty hands

What fun! She played in dirt and didn’t even get in trouble for doing it! Of course that was also a problem. After she was done, she still kept wanting to dig up the seeds and root around in the dirt. I had to put the planter up high to keep her out of it.

I have no idea what kind of tree this really will be. Of course MayMay is assuming it will look like one of those fluffy, pastel trees in The Lorax. Hope she isn’t too disappointed when it turns out to be just an ordinary green tree.


6 thoughts on “The Lorax Tree

  1. Thanks Honey. Yes, I think this was a great way to introduce a 2 year old to gardening. She is so excited about her tree and looks every day to see if it’s growing.

  2. So far John, no. At least I don’t think so. There’s a tiny little sprout but I don’t think it’s the tree. But I have left it alone just in case. I’m going today to the garden center and I’m going to try to find something I can replace the Lorax seed with so my grandbaby won’t be disappointed.

    1. They actually never grew to be anything. Maybe we got a bad lot of seeds. We did get a few sprouts but they never got any bigger. I did eventually plant a flower in there for May so she wouldn’t be disappointed.

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