Time Management Tips For Moms


Happy Mothers Day Moms! Here’s a post to help you manage your time.

Where does the time go? For moms it can be very crucial to be aware of your time especially if you are a busy working mom on the go each week. Here are a few time management tips for moms that you can work towards to assist with managing each area of your life.

Keep a journal. Journal and keep a record of how you spend your time for about 1 to 2 weeks. As you become aware of your pattern, you will know how to effectively discover ways you could utilize your time properly.

Create a to-do list. Keep a daily to-do list and write down everything that will need to be accomplished for that day. After writing this down, then prioritize each item by importance. You can do this by placing the letters A, B, or C next to each item; of course “A” being the most important.

Delegate. The items that are not the “A” priority on your list can be delegated to family members or friends. As each task is completed, cross the item off your list. You may not get to some of these items. If they still need to be completed, schedule a few hours out of the week to get them done.

Combine tasks. If you are able to, try to combine tasks that make sense. For example, while folding the clothes you can talk on the phone or watch television.

– Take anything you must complete with you to appointments or anywhere else there may be a lag or wait time involved. Things that must be completed during these times could be stitch work or even reading material.

– If you have to study or listen to tapes or DVD’s, you could listen, study and memorize the material while you are driving back and forth from work.

If someone asks you to do something and you already are loaded with things to do, you can always say “no” and schedule it in if it is important to you. Learn how to utilize your time wisely.

When you build in time to do things that are not on your schedule, you will not feel so overwhelmed when these things pop up unexpectedly.

Learn to pre-plan your meals and not to waste time on the Internet or email.

In order to reduce stress levels some more, schedule personal time for yourself such as a day at the spa or time at the gym.

These time management tips for moms are very helpful for anyone who feels as if they are overloaded with things to do on a daily basis as a working mother.

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