Tips for Using Your Keurig Coffee Brewer

Are You Getting the Best From Your Keurig Coffee Maker?
Keurig B40

First of all, I can only speak for sure about the Keurig B-40 because that’s what I own but most of these tips would apply for any Keurig coffee maker.  If you haven’t gotten a Keurig and are curious about it, check out my review on the B40 here:  My Love Affair with my Keurig B40 Coffee Maker.

Here are the tips I have learned on my own and from others on how to get the best coffee experience with your Keurig:

  • If your tap water isn’t the best quality, use bottled or filtered water. It will taste better and you will need to descale your coffee maker less often.  We use a filtered water as it’s cheaper than buying bottled water.
  • Shake your K cup before putting it in the brewer. This is specially important for the k cups that have flavors such as the hot cocoas and iced teas. It helps distribute the flavor crystals so you will get more flavor in your drink. I just automatically do this now with all my K cups regardless of the type. I learned this from my son and didn’t believe it at first but I tested it out for myself and he was right. You get more taste out of your K cup if you shake it before brewing.
  • As soon as you finish brewing your drink, take the K cup out of the brewer. This is especially important for the cocoa, apple cider, and tea k cups. The reason being that the longer the k cup is inside the brewer, the more the stuff inside the k cups can gunk up the brewer. This is something else I have gotten into the habit of doing. I just automatically take the k cup out, no matter what variety as soon as it’s finished brewing.
  • You can brew water without a K cup. Great for a cup of noodles, jello or soup or for anything you need hot water quickly for.
  • If you want to make your own coffee and use the Keurig My K-Cup use fine ground coffee so your coffee will not taste watery. The finer the grounds, the better the taste.
  • Speaking of My K cups, it’s not the only game in town for using your own coffee in your Keurig. Solofill Cup and EZ-Cup Filter Papers
    have great reviews and good options if you don’t like the My K cup.
  • Some parts of the Keurig coffee makers are dishwasher safe but others are not. I read several reviews where folks put the parts in the dishwasher that were not dishwasher safe and they warped. It’s just safer to hand wash everything. It’s very rare that you need to wash them anyway so it’s best to be safe, not sorry and hand wash them.
  • If your coffee tastes too strong, and you want more coffee than one brew gives, just lift the handle and brew it again with the same k cup you just used.
  • The serial number is either not on your Keurig machine itself or sometimes it is, but it’s very hard to find. It is on your box though. So copy it and write it inside your manual or put it some other place where you can find it if needed if you ever need to call customer service. In some cases, customer service requires this serial number.
  • Do register your warranty. Folks with a warranty seem to have a much easier time getting their machine replaced. Also you will get a code to get 2 free boxes of k cups by registering your warranty online! Definitely makes it worth your time to register it.
  • When you first get your Keurig, your manual will tell you to run some water through the machine and go through the steps as if you were brewing some coffee but without the K cup. The instructions don’t tell you that you have to lift the lever and lower it as if you were actually putting a K cup in the machine. Just don’t really put one in. See the picture below to show what lever I’m talking about.

Keurig B 40 showing lever


I hope these tips have helped. If you have anymore, please leave them in the comment section and I’ll add them to this list.



34 thoughts on “Tips for Using Your Keurig Coffee Brewer

  1. I personally like the b-60 and b-70 as my machine of choice. At first I had no idea but after searching the internet and stores for quite some time I noticed that there are at least 5 different kuerig machines. It is good to see a keurig k-cup machines comparison side by side comparisons as to which one can do what. It makes it a lot easier to choose a machine.

  2. I’ve started to make own coffee with the my k-cup and it taste watery and not the same…what am I doing wrong? or am I putting the wrong amount of water per k cup?

    1. Put more coffee grounds in the k-cup. I nearly filled my k-cup and it tasted great. Also the finer the grind the more flavor, and I have never had coffee grounds go through my k-cup so that is not a worry.

  3. Hmmm. Mine has never tasted weak.
    The machine spits out the same amount of water per cup. The only thing you can control is which size you want.

    Have you tried choosing the smallest size? That should make it stronger.

    Other than that, I wonder if something is blocked in your machine?

  4. Bought a unit for my mother. She brews her own and says it is too strong. She ahs even cut the amount of coffee in half. Any suggestions?

    1. Buy a less bold coffee. There are all kinds of coffee, from Grand Espresso beans to milder beans and then go to a lighter roast.

  5. Hi Dave,
    I have a few tips. First. use the larger cup setting as it will be a little weaker. And try a few different coffees. Some are stronger than others. For example, Starbucks is really strong but Grove Square is pretty mild.

    I’d suggest she get a variety pack from Keurig (you can also find it on Amazon and if you get it there, please go through my link in my sidebar). She can try different brands until she finds one she likes.

    My last resort tip is to brew a cu of coffee. And then brew another cup using the same k cup you just used. Then pour half of each cup into another cup and you should have a fairly mild cup of coffee. You can always save the rest for later and reheat in the microwave if needed, or put it in the fridge for iced coffee.

  6. I’m assuming you filled the reservoir with water right?

    Try lifting the little lever where you put the k cup in. Then put it back down and see if the lights on the buttons start to blink indicating it’s ready.

    1. That seemed to work… Thank you. It did fill a cup. I guess I thought by pressing the button I could manage the amount of water. Thanks again!

  7. I just got my K and I can’t stand the coffee…it is all too strong…..what can I do other than use the plc 4 times, blend the four cups together then put it in my old coffee pot to keep warm? UGH.

        1. Look at the coffee strengths, 100% Columbian is in my opinion bitter, but its very popular that’s usually a medium roast, Folgers has many varieties also “Lively Colombian” is there Gourmet 100% Col., Then they have the “Classic Roast” in 4 different flavors~ mild, med., med/dark, & Dark. COFFEE Facts: the lighter the Stronger, the Darker the Richer…Stronger meaning more caffine, Richer meaning Bolder more intense. keep that in mind when looking for the right flavor for your taste

    1. Hi Shar you might like Maxwell House, House Blend which you can purchase at the grocery store 12 iK cups in a box.Walmart sells the larger quantity boxes. It’s a medium blend tastes rich and smooth not strong. Make sure it’s not decaf which we did by mistake (unless you want decaf). It’s the good ole tasting coffee not like Starbucks

  8. K Cup in the brewer, the water is hot as supposed to be, I pull the lever down…it takes forever for the coffee to begin coming through and it’s not filling the cup to the proper height as it has done for the past 3 yrs. However, from date of purchase I was making coffee on a daily basis for 1 person, 2 people once in awhile and lately I have had company staying at the house so we have been making several more cups each morning. Could this be the reason? I was thinking I might unplug and replug as a possibly of resetting it????? What are your thoughts? Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Thank you so much for providing a forum for all these tips. My machine makes coffee that is ridiculously strong (actually made me sick….yuck). These are some good tips that I will try.

  10. I bought a Keurig 2.0 k200 about 3 months ago and had no problems with it until this morning when I tried to brew a cup of Gevalia two-step cappuccino and the brewer wouldn’t work. I know that feature works with the carafe pods in my coffeemaker but I don’t think it should. At least my manual doesn’t show any two-step pods for the the carafe.

  11. I have a Keurig coffeemaker which has a 60 oz. reservoir. I cannot find the model number. Suddenly, my Jamaica Me Crazy K Cup has a horrible taste with no flavor at all. It also looks as if it is not running all of the 8 oz. amount of water that I have selected.

  12. Just got a K-15 as didn’t want the Keurig to replace my Cuisinart (12-cup). It’s to make a cup fo decafe in the evening or a quick cup when I don’t want to make a minimum of 4. So far, have made 1 cup of the Green Mountain decafe and it was perfect. I do appreciate your comments above, and am sure I will find them helpful as I continue to use my Keurig.

  13. Just got a Keurig for Christmas and was so excited as I finally gave my husband the green light to get one. So disappointed in how strong the coffee is. It’s helpful to read all your comments to try to figure out which one to try next. My 2 daughters and I drink it, looks like we’ll be going thru the commercial size creamer until I figure out a blend that doesn’t taste so bitter and strong.

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