6 Tips to Selecting an Air Conditioner

Tips to Selecting an Air Conditioner

Did you just say that you are fed up with the scorching summer heat?  There’s no better way to keep your indoor space cool and comfortable in the midst of a hot summer than to have the right air conditioner installed in your home or office.

Besides, if you have a noisy and inefficient air conditioner, you could be spending a lot of money on energy costs while having to deal with excessive noise. If this sounds like a dilemma that you are facing, you should consider getting a new air conditioner from the array of high-quality noiseless air conditioners  that are available on the market.

Nonetheless, there are several things that you need while selecting an air conditioner. Let’s take a quick look at the most important ones.

  • Check the cooling Capacity

The cooling capacity of an AC unit is simply the amount of heat that the unit can remove from the air of an area within a certain period.

The capacity is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units).  The higher the BTUs the larger the space that an A/C can cool. A sunny indoor space needs a higher BTU as compared to a shady room. Other factors that determine the right BTUs in an air conditioner is the height and window size of the room to be air-conditioned.

You can consult your vendor or another knowledgeable person to establish the units with the best cooling capacity according to your room/house.

  1. Consider decibel level

Who likes an aircon that makes a house or an office feel like a ballast factory? If you loathe a noisy aircon, then you should consider going for one with low decibel levels- 50 dB at maximum.

  1. Check energy efficiency

Keep your energy bills in check by buying energy efficient electronic devices and units including the AC. Air conditioners have different power efficiency ratings in the form of stars.  The stars range from 1 to 5, the latter being the most power-efficient. Consider buying a unit with at least 3 stars if you can’t get one with 4 or 5 stars.

  1. Look at the warranty

Before you settle on an air conditioning unit, you need to find out what will happen in case something goes wrong after you bought it.

Does the product have a warranty? If it does, then you also to understand the warranty terms and establish if they’re favorable. Different units come with different warrant terms and so, it’s upon you to get the one that covers you the best.

  1. Check the quality of the dehumidification unit

Besides removing hot air, an air conditioner should also be able to reduce the humidity levels in your room. That’s why a dehumidification unit is an essential feature in an AC.  Ensure that the aircon that you are about to buy has a high-quality dehumidification unit.

  1. Maintain your budget

You don’t want to spend much on an air conditioner at the expense of other important stuff in your life. As such, it is important to ensure that the choice that you make is within your budget.

If you are very tight on budget and don’t care much about the aesthetic part of the ac unit, a window AC will be a better choice than a split one because the window types are mostly cheaper.

Buying the right air conditioner should no longer seem like rocket science as long as you are going to apply the above tips.  All the best in your shopping!




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