Vase Crafts

How to Pretty Up Cheap Glass Vases

Can you believe these vases were once just plain Dollar Store glass vases? Yep, they were. And they were so easy to change them. Even kids (older school aged) could do this with ease. They’d make a great gift for your child to make for their teacher or grandmother or whatever. Or you could make them for yourself to reflect your home decor.

Ready for the directions? Okay, here we go:

Here’s what you need:

supplies for vases

You can do one or both of these vases. What you need for both of these vases:

  • Flat back marbles in your color choices (these are often used in flower arrangements). You can find them most anywhere, Walmart, craft stores, even Dollar stores.
  • Assorted buttons in various sizes and colors. I have a large collection of these but if you need to buy some, Amazon has them pretty cheap here.
  • 2 glass vases
  • Craft Glue (make sure it will work for glass). Here’s the link for glass glue on Amazon if you need it:Amazon

Button Vase Directions

Decide on your color scheme and sort the buttons you want to use by color.

Sort buttons by color


Go ahead and work out the design you want on your work surface first. This is to make sure you have enough of a particular style or color for your design before you actually do it on the glass.



Decide on design


Now glue on your buttons. Hold the bigger buttons to the glass for the count of 20 to make sure it adheres to the glass. For curved glass vases, it’s best to use small buttons.

Glue Buttons

After you are done, check all around the vase to make sure everything is sticking where it should be. Sometimes they may slide. After the glue is completely dry, you can peel off the dried glue on the glass if you tend to be a messy crafter like me.

Flower vase

And there you have it. A cute whimsical button vase that was easy and quick to make.

Glass Marble Vase Directions

This one is a little harder to do only because the marbles are heavier and take longer to stick to the glass. Once the glue is dry, they are stuck on there really well but until then, they tend to slide around a lot.

Glue marbles onto glass

Start at the bottom and work your way up. You will need to recheck your work every so often to be sure everything is still sticking. When you are done, go over it again and push the marbles in to make sure they are secure.

Marble vase

This one turned out so beautiful and elegant. It has a  very “designer” feel to it. Hard to believe it was just a few bucks and 20 minutes to make!

So there you have it. Wasn’t that easy? I told you it was. Please let me know if you try this project!






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  1. I really like the glass marble vase! I’m thinking it would make a great holiday gift project for my boys to make. I can just envision filling it with Christmas flowers like poinsettas.

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