Ten Great Vegetables for Vegetable Gardening

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One of the main benefits of having a vegetable garden is having fresh, nutrient rich, great tasting vegetables when you want them. You control if and what kind of chemicals go on them.

Some people say to not even bother growing a vegetable if you can get it cheaply at the grocery store. And that you should only grow veggies that aren’t easily available at the store and are more expensive.

But for the reasons I stated above: freshness, quality and control; those are the reasons you should grow any vegetable you enjoy eating and will grow in your climate.

Below are my favorites for growing in my home garden.



Tomatoes are just a thousand times better home grown than store bought. Getting them at the store, they are often tasteless and mushy. It’s no wonder since they are shipped while still green and chemically ripened. And yes, I know tomatoes are technically a fruit but most people, me included, use them as a vegetable. I rarely find good tasting tomatoes in the grocery stores so I look forward all year to when I can grow mine.



Lettuce is another good choice to grow at home. There are so many fancy lettuces available that cost big bucks in the grocery store. You can grow them for practically nothing in your own garden.



Peas are a good option to grow as they are often hard to find fresh. You can get them frozen and canned but I rarely see fresh peas available for sale. Peas are another vegetable that just taste so much better fresh.



Carrots too taste much sweeter and have a better texture when grown in your own garden. Sometimes, store bought carrots have a bland, and sometimes a bitter taste. And their texture can vary from being tough to mushy. Neither are desirable.




Radishes are pretty cheap to buy in the grocery store but they can be spongy and kind of dry! Yuck! They taste so much better freshly grown and harvested from your own garden.




Fresh greens such as spinach, collards, and kale are another type of yummy veggie to grow at home. Sometimes in the stores, they are wilted and yellow looking.




Asparagus is my very favorite vegetable. It’s also one of the most expensive vegetables out there. To be sure you aren’t wasting your money on mushy asparagus, just grow them yourself.




I use peppers every week. I use them in shish-ka-bobs, spaghetti, casseroles, and salads. Green peppers aren’t too expensive but the price of yellow and red peppers are outrageous. Sometimes growing peppers can be a little tricky but once you get the hang of it, you can get some great harvests.




I can’t tell you how many bad cucumbers I have bought in the store. They get bitter, overly seedy and dried out. Cucumbers are easy to grow in your own garden and as long as you don’t let them get too big, they taste great.


corn on cob

Corn is one of those vegetables that is best cooked and consumed as soon as you pick them. The longer you wait, the faster the taste diminishes. Fresh corn is like heaven. And even though they are big plants that take a lot of room, the average family doesn’t need many plants to keep them in stock.


Ok, now I want a salad! I’d love to know what are your favorite vegetables to grow.

4 thoughts on “Ten Great Vegetables for Vegetable Gardening

  1. This is my first visit to your site via Voiceboks, and I am now a follower too. I loved this post about veggies, as this is what we eat most in our house. I look forward to reading more here often. I would love for you to wander over and check out my blog and perhaps follow me too. Be well!

  2. Thanks Kaela. I just visited your blog and I love the way you write. Congrats on being a cancer survivor and for raising 5 awesome kids!

  3. I love this post! I’ve never grown my own garden before, but my mom always had one when I was growing up. I have a huge appreciation for home grown fruits and veggies. So this year, I decided to try to grow something on my own and I went with two different tomato plants. A cherry tomato and roma tomatoes. I just planted them in pots. {as a starter to make sure I can keep them alive! LOL!} I’m happy to report, my cherry tomato plant has tiny green tomatoes growing on it!! I can’t wait for them to turn ripe for eating! And now I’m wondering if it’s too late in the season to plant another veggie. It would have to be grown in a pot since I don’t have anywhere to put a garden right now.

    Many blessings,
    **hopping over from VoiceBoks

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