Wall Decorations You can Use to Make Your Bedroom More Inviting

Wall Deco

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Bedrooms are one of those rooms in your house that absolutely must feel comfortable. After all, a bedroom is your safe haven, it is where you go when you want to sleep, relax and think. However, it often seems as though bedrooms get neglected during home renovation. Bedroom walls often remain bare, which can make the room feel cold and uninviting.
If you have a bedroom that could use sprucing up, there are a number of ways you can do it. A few simple wall decorating changes could help turn your bedroom into the sanctuary you deserve.


People never seem to utilize shelf space in their bedrooms. Hanging a few nicely stained or painted shelves on your wall can not only add to your overall room decor, but it can also help you keep the clutter off your floor. You could use shelves to hold books or decorative pieces.


A room without wall decor can seem bare even when it has furniture. Wall decor is vital to pulling a room together. Pictures can be the perfect way to personalize your room and make it more comfortable. Picture hanging takes little time and can be done on virtually any wall of your bedroom. You could try hanging photographs of your family or even pictures of artwork. The decor style is up to you.


While they may seem outdated, tapestries can actually make a room feel cozier. If you have a large enough wall, an intricately detailed tapestry could add charm to your room. Not only can tapestries be used to decorate the home, but in certain situations, they can also act as additional insulation. Tapestries are typically made out of thick material and can help keep drafts out during cooler months.


Shadowboxes are often used to hold figurines or other delicate items. However, in recent years, people have started getting creative with them. You could hang shadowboxes on your wall that contain virtually anything. Shadowboxes are easy to put together and can be used to hold flowers and figurines. You can even use a shadowbox to hold sentimental items. For example, you could create a wedding display with a shadowbox by placing smaller items from your wedding in it. Shadowboxes allow you to get creative and truly personalize your bedroom.

Candle Holders and Other Decorations

Wall decor does not have to stop with just pictures and shadowboxes. Decorative candle holders can be hung on the wall to create a more intimate area. You could also use hanging letters on your walls to create a more personalized space.

A comfortable bedroom is vital to feeling happy in your home. You don’t have to completely renovate your bedroom to make it feel more comfortable. By adding a few simple decorations to your walls, you can make your bedroom feel more inviting.







3 thoughts on “Wall Decorations You can Use to Make Your Bedroom More Inviting

  1. Having wall decorations in your room make a difference. It would turn into something different for real. One of my favorite wall decoration is wall paints.

  2. I so agree that a bedroom has to be comfortable and cosy, it is indeed one’s safe haven and where one goes to dream and to try and shut out the world and all its problems. I have found that putting a printed wallpaper border (which matches all the furnishings) all the way round the room, and positioned just a bit higher than the bedside tables, can make the room look even cosier.

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