The Best and Worst Advice Moms Give

What Kind of Advice Do Moms Give Their Kids?

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I hope all the moms out there had a great Mothers Day. Mine was pretty good. Nice and quiet. I actually got some business work done which may not sound like a fun thing to do on a holiday but since I love my work, it’s fun for me.

Being that it was Mothers Day, I was wondering about this question: What was the best advice you got from your mom? I asked on twitter and facebook and was going to ask on Yahoo Answers too but saw that someone had already asked that question and there were lots of answers.

I tried to remember back to some of the advice my mother gave me but I can’t say it was good advice. For example, she used to say “It’s just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor man.” Well yeah, if there are an equal number of rich men and poor men around. I never found very many rich men to choose from.  Or another classic of my mom’s “Do as I say, not as I do.” Yeah, that one went over real big. I’m sure she gave me some good advice too. I just can’t remember any of it.

In looking at the advice others got from their moms, some of it was great. I thought ‘I need to remember to tell that to my kids’, even though my kids are grown. Other things, if their moms actually said these things, made me sad for those kids. I had to wonder what kind of mothers would say such horrible things to their child?

Anyway, below is a sampling of some of the best advice given to kids from their mothers and below that, the worst advice given to kids from their mothers.

Best Advice Given from Mothers

  • “You are your own person and you have to believe that you can do what is right. Everything you do is for a reason. Life is for learning and I will support you in life as I did when you were in school.”
  • “To always do what makes me happy and not worry about the opinion of others too much.”
  • “Be what you want to be, don’t let anyone stop you.”
  • “Believe in yourself!”
  • “Be yourself. Never give into bad temptations. Always try harder than you did the last time and NEVER give up.”
  • “My mom always tells me to do what I love to do while keeping in mind the consequences of my actions.”
  • “No man is worth crying over, and the one that is won’t make you cry.”
  • ” Don’t worry about what others think of you, you are an exceptionally a good person. Everywhere you  go, people will always have judgment. You must believe in one thing ,yourself. Be that girl who will stand up and be strong, because you are, honey. You have our family blood that runs in your veins. We are and always be proud of you. Anything you  do, finish it. The world will always complain and will always try to stop you, but the only thing  that should matter to you, is your own happiness.”
  • “Learn from other people’s mistakes.”
  • “Never ever go against your gut and if you can’t say something to someone’s face then you certainly have no business saying it behind their back.”
  • “Keep your head high, but your nose at a respectable level.”
  • “I must have been 13 years old , after misbehaving, I asked my mom ” Do you still love me?” And she said” Honey I am your mom I am always going to love you, No matter what!! But think about what you are doing because if you don’t like yourself I can not fix it. Always make sure you can live with what ever you do.” I have heard these words when I was about to screw up and it saved me a ton of mistakes.”

Worst Advice Given from Mothers

  • “Go to Hell.” *Editor’s Note* If that was her BEST advice, I’d hate to see what her worst advice was.
  • “At the end of the day we are all screwed.”
  • “My Mother always told me that accept whatever life gives you and never do anything to achieve anything.”
  • “In case you are hit by a car always have clean underwear.” *Editor’s Note* It won’t matter if it’s clean or not because odds are, being hit by a car is going to cause you to soil your pants although I do agree you need to wear clean underwear. LOL.
  • “‘Your a screw up, your never going anywhere in life, you seem like a pedophile and you leave my house now.’ I was 12.”
  • “Give up.”
  • *Editor’s Note* This one really made me want to cry: “I was 8 and her exact words after I pleaded for her to get my step-father to get off of me: ‘Just take it like a man.’ Well Mom, I did for several years, so thanks for the only advice you’ve ever given me…”
  • “Stop asking me for advice you waste of space.”
  • “My mom never gave me any good advice. I’ve always had to fend for myself.”
  • “To get out of her life.”
  • “Don’t forget to wear a rubber! Your dad forgot and look at what we ended up with!”

Some women have no business having kids.

Anyway, I asked my kids what was the best advice I gave them. One daughter said; “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince.” She then added that that was probably not the best advice I ever gave her but it was what stuck with her.

My son said: “You can do whatever you want in life as long as you believe in yourself, don’t give up and don’t let others bring you down.”

My oldest daughter answered me in a text message and said “Probably not to put all my eggs in one basket. Like when I was dead set on becoming an actress. You supported my dream and told me I was talented but you also wanted me to have a way to support myself while working on my dream to come true.”

I’d love to know what was the best (and worst) advice your mother gave you. Leave a comment and share!





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