CathyHave you ever met one of those women who seems to have it all together? Great mother, super cook, immaculate house, wonderful hostess, and perfectly organized, she’s the woman we all envy.

Unfortunately I’m not that woman. I strive to be but often fall short. I do excel in some areas but fall short in many others.

My best friend, however, is one of those ladies and I have learned lots from her. Other things, I have learned through trial and error, and age and experience.

This site chronicles my struggles to be a great homemaker and shares the things I have learned over the years.

I am open to suggestions, and guest posts too! And if there is anything you would like to read about that isn’t on the site, feel free to leave a comment or email me at claycath @gmail.com.

Personally, I’m a single, work at home mom from Virginia Beach, VA. I have 3 grown children, 2 who still live at home with me and I have a baby grand daughter, who I am helping to raise who also lives here. I also have 4 dogs, a dwarf rabbit, and 2 fire bellied Asian frogs. I also care for my elderly, disabled mother so as you can see, I’m quite frazzled!

Connect with me on Google + at – +Cathy Ratcliffe –

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  1. Cathy, I cheered when I read your comment on another site. I too, love the beautiful blogs with perfect everything but I always wonder how the heck they do that? I work full time and struggle constantly. How do these folks afford multiple houses and all the vacations, let alone all of the fabulous furnishing?

    I try not to be envious as that doesn’t get me anything but feeling bad about what I’ve done or not done. But ya really gotta wonder, is it all just smoke and mirrors ala Southern Hospitality?

    1. Hi Jane,
      Yeah, I think a lot of it is the Southern Hospitality illusion, and I think some are just incredibly lucky. My best friend is like that. She definitely has the life most of us only dream of. Yet things aren’t perfect for her either. I’d just like half of what these beautiful blogs are showing!

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