5 Interior Design Tips for Your Home

stylish living room You definitely want to make your interior look beautiful and inviting. Maybe you just want to do your own interior design so you can use your preferences and style, or perhaps you cannot afford an interior designer. Here are tips you can use to make your home interiors look like the work of an interior designer.

1. Decide your interior design style

Check magazines and interior décor websites to get ideas on the interior design you will use for your home. These have many inspiring ideas that you can use to decorate your home.

You can also collect many style ideas from Pinterest.

2. Choose your color scheme

After you decide on the style, you need to choose the color scheme of your décor. Choose colors that interest you. It is advisable that you mix three colors or you can use one color in three shades.

The main color should be on the walls, the second color for the large accents such as chairs and couches, and the third color for the small accessories such as pillows and flowers.

You can also use the color of a rug, curtains, or furniture to guide you in choosing the color to paint on the walls. For instance, you can paint the accent wall red if your sofa has hints of red.

3. Include texture in your décor

Different textures help to create a warm and rich environment that is pleasing to the eye. This is especially so if you are using one color with different shades.

Add texture by using various types of fabrics in your home. For instance, you can use silk cushions, linen draperies, cotton sofa, and a velvet chair.

Consider your lifestyle when choosing textiles. For instance, if you want a luxurious décor, consider using pillows and draperies of high-end silk. If you have children or pets, consider getting a dark colored sofa.

Don’t use one type of fabric for your furniture such as having a cotton sofa, cotton ottoman and cotton chairs. You can have a cotton sofa and leather chairs to add texture.

4. Ensure sufficient lighting

Lighting plays an important role in interior décor. Use both artificial lighting and natural lighting to light the space.
Use layers of light instead of relying on just the overhead light. Combine wall sconces and lamps with a central lighting fixture to light a particular space.

5. Mix furniture and arrange it in a conversational style

Furniture should be well mixed to have different sizes and styles for a balanced room. For instance, you can combine a large sofa with slender armchairs and skirted club chairs.

Furniture should be arranged in a way that invites conversation. You can place chairs across the sofa and put a coffee table at the center.

Avoid arranging all the furniture against the wall to prevent the room from being uninviting and feeling too large.
Use an area rug to revamp the look of the living room and to divide space. When choosing the rug, ensure all the legs of the chairs and the sofa can fit on it. A too small rug makes the scale of the room to look off.

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5 Things to Know About Pruning Your Trees

woman pruning tree  Trees are vital when it comes to consuming toxins from the air; thus, people are safe from exposure to certain diseases. It is essential for tree owners to take good care of their trees from when they are still young.

One way to ensure that trees grow correctly is through pruning. As much as it involves cutting of some parts of the plant, it is an essential activity to aid in its proper growth. The following includes some of the things you should know about pruning your trees.

1. It changes its appearance

As plants grow, you will notice that weird branches and twigs develop from the main branch. Some of them worsen the beauty of the tree, hence ugly. For instance, you will see changes in the shape and size of the tree, which have a massive impact on the tree’s growth.

Pruning involves cutting off these twigs and branches. As you do this, it maintains its shape and continues to grow in its appropriate direction. You will also remain with the healthy leaves and branches, which ensure that the tree enhances the environment around it.

2. Pruning should begin when the plant is young

Pruning should be constant. Most people ignore the plant and only start to prune it only when it matures. However, you are limiting its development if you just wait for it to be more prominent. The best and most appropriate time to start cutting off unnecessary parts is when it is still young.

At this time, the plant is most active because it captures every opportunity that promotes its growth. For example, as you deal with these branches, it creates more space for receiving air.

3. Maximizes growth

When you have many branches, then the plant has to divide the water among all those parts. Thus, development is quite slow.

You might feel bad when you are cutting down the tree, but you are doing the tree and yourself a big favour. When you reduce it, then the water will only go to the essential areas. It then accelerates growth.

It also poses a considerable benefit to the leaves because they will receive enough sunlight to provide carbon (IV) oxide, which is an ingredient for synthesising food.

4. It protects people and their property

When the tree starts to overgrow, you pose a high risk to people and their property. Think of a tree that reaches to the roof of your house, or one that touches overhead wires. If anything like a strong wind blows the tree, then the branch cuts loose, and the cables fall.

The tree ceases to be a hazard when you prune it.

5. Protect it against diseases and pests

Sometimes pests and illnesses infest the trees. It only starts with a single branch then spreads to other regions of the same tree. You just need to eliminate those branches once you notice any signs of infestations on them. Remember that diseases and pests limit the plant’s development.


It is difficult to prune a big tree alone. If you need any help with this, then contact the best pruning company, Houston Tree Pro. This is a service provider who owns excellent facilities, which aid in cutting down and maintaining trees.

5 Reasons to Consider Building a Guest House on Your Property

guest house  Building a guest house on your property is not a difficult thing to do as long as you know the regulations within your county with regard to renting out your home. It can be constructed attached to the main house or as a separate building and although it is not a simple task, it is possible to build one on your property.

Construction equipment is also available from construction companies in case one requires home demolition among other construction services. Rent1 Earth Moving Equipment provides the essential equipment needed when building a guest house. Here are several reasons why you should consider building a guest house on your property.

Source of income

Having a guest house can be used to earn extra income aside from what is earned from one’s daily job saving you some cash. The guest house can be rented out to people looking for a vacation home or long-term accommodation. Anyone from a working citizen to a retiree can opt for rental services maximizing their income. Find out from the guest house designers and architects around your locality the regulations associated with renting out your guest house if there any.

Home staff, family and friend’s residence

A guest house can be a great place for your family, friends, and relatives to stay for the holidays or during an occasion such as a wedding. If you happen to have any live-in staff such as a nanny, cook or any other staff, a guest house can also come in handy. Having your staff living on the premises gives them ample time to work effectively.

Hosting your family and friends in your guest house, especially if your home is not large enough will offer them a place to stay whenever they visit giving them privacy. The guest house also gives them some freedom whenever they are around.

It Increases Your Property Value

An additional asset to your home like a guest house would increase the value of your properties in case you decide to sell them. The extra money would be of great use where you can save up more of the money obtained after the sale.


When accommodating visitors, a guest house also offers them a comfortable space where they feel more at home. Being a ghost is not just about welcoming them to your home, but ensuring that they enjoy every minute. Giving your guests some personal space would not only entertain them but make their stay more memorable, especially if it is a long stay.


A guest house can be a great place for your kids to play or for you to stay whenever you need to spend some time alone. You can also stay in the guest house during stressful moments when you need time to think or work from home without distractions. Having a guest house with own facilities such as a bathroom, toilet, kitchen among other rooms will give them some privacy and more freedom.

A guest house can be used in various ways that are beneficial to both you and your family.



The Top 3 Places to Buy a Garage Heater in 2018

garage At no particular point will you find two heating gadgets similar. Even with the same features and functions, what might be viewed as the best by one person might not be good for someone else.

The same applies to the different brands available. As a result of these differences and opinions depending on preference, one needs to choose the type of garage heater that they want. In order to make the right choice, you need to find a garage heater that suits your needs.

Perfect for buildings, workshops, and other poorly insulated areas, garage heaters provide sufficient heat, ensuring warmth in these places on a regular basis despite the season. Other natural effects of harsh weather such as the growth of molds or frost damage to walls can also be prevented by the heat emitted from garage heaters.

First, you need to find out if the garage heater will be a temporary or a permanent heating source so as to get a lasting solution and not incur purchasing costs. Different models also come with different makes, some mountable and portable while others are not.

There are also different fuel sources to the various models available in the market. Some use electricity, some use fuel while others use both options, all with varying price ranges. Both should be well fitted with the correct wiring to ensure safety in case of overheating.

Garage heaters can be purchased from either manufacturers, distributors or importers. Here are a 3 of the top places where you can buy a garage heater.


The online platform is filled with numerous manufacturers, retailers, importers and distributors that sell garage heaters. Apart from that, you can take a look at the reviews made by previous customers on the products displayed and make the right choice. With the high competition among sellers, so as to attract consumers, prices also vary and you can choose garage heaters that are in line with your set budget.

Considered the top e-commerce platform, Amazon has had numerous buyers searching for the right products proving to be the top shopping destination. Their free shipping services on orders above a certain price and for premium members has also boosted the online platforms’ reputation.


The numerous discounts and low prices offered by Walmart has seen the online presence on the platform rise. They contain a large collection of garage heaters from different brands among other products where you can easily pick on the one that meets your requirements.

Garage heaters and other products from the store that are above $35 have free 2-day shipping services and can be delivered straight to your doorstep or at a nearby store where you can pick them up.


eBay works the same way as Amazon and Walmart but has other additional advantages. You can get products like garage heaters being sold in an auction at affordable prices and in some cases even land yourself a product after a good bargain. There is no product that you cannot find on this platform. The platform also offers a secure payment system protecting its buyers from fraud.

You cannot miss a garage heater in any of the above sites. Search for garage heaters now and get the best reviews for garage heaters so that you can buy your best fit.