3 Appliances that use More Electricity than you Would Think

Do your hefty electricity bills often leave you flabbergasted? Some specific power-hungry items around the house might be responsible for these escalated costs. If you’re frugal, you’ll want to avoid wasting too much money on electricity. However, it’s important to first learn about the top 3 appliances that consume lots of electricity. Next, take active steps towards reducing the power consumption of these items. If you’re curious about how much electricity you consume monthly, this Texas electricity rate calculator will certainly help.

Here are 5 appliances that use more electricity than you would think:


  • The refrigerator


It spends many hours gently humming to keep your food and drinks cool, so it’s no surprise that your refrigerator tops this list. Although fridges are essential for any home, these appliances consume the most electricity. It’s estimated that about 31% of people’s electricity is used up by their refrigerators. This represents a third of your power consumption – a staggering statistic to say the least.

If you’re keen about lowering your electricity bill, consider purchasing a refrigerator that is more efficient (it will have a class A+ rating). Replacing your old class D fridge with a more efficient class A+ fridge will lower your power consumption by about 80%. Here’s another tip to reducing your electricity bill: avoid leaving the door to your fridge open for too long. Also ensure that hot foods aren’t stored inside the refrigerator – more energy will be used to cool them down.


  • The television


It’s arguably the most important electric appliance in any household. The TV uses about 12% of the total electricity consumed by all appliances at home. This makes sense considering that we use it for the longest hours. The advent of cable TV has made it even more difficult to turn it off – there’s so much good content for children and adults. Sadly, TV can be addictive. How do you prevent spending your hours as a couch potato glued to never-ending episodes on TV? First, get a hobby. Any activity that distracts you from watching television is perfect.

For some individuals, television is life. If you belong in this special category, always turn your TV completely off when heading out. Leaving it on standby won’t prevent it from consuming as much power as a computer. Also consider switching your old plasma screen TV with a brand new LED television.


  • The computer


It’s easy to disregard the PC when deliberating about power-consuming appliances. Surprisingly, computers consume about 8% of the total electrical household bill. Some families use their desktop computers excessively for work while others utilize it occasionally. However, if you desire to save energy and pay less for electricity, it’s important to lower your PC’s screen brightness to some tolerable level (this will also protect your eyesight). In addition, avoid having a screensaver and switch the computer completely off when you’re not using it. If you’ve connected it with some peripheral devices such as scanners and printers, it’s crucial that you switch them off when they’re idle.

Small, consistent steps make all the difference. Now that you’re well acquainted with these heavy-consuming appliances, you should take all the necessary steps to save energy.

5 Benefits to Investing in a Shark Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is a really good investment you want to spend your money on. It will help you keep your house clean and appealing to family and guests. You might think that a simple sweep can already clean an area in your house, but a vacuum cleaner is able to pick up all the dirt and particles that a simple broom or rug will not be able to clean. And if you are a pet owner, you should definitely buy one to help clean up all the pet hair that is all over the house.

One of the best brands in the market today is the Shark Vacuum. If you are still wondering and thinking about buying a Shark vacuum, check out the list below for some benefits that may convince you to invest in one.

  1. They offer all types of vacuum – with Shark vacuums, you will have so many options. You can choose the upright, stick, handheld, canister and even robot vacuums. Each model under the variant is definitely worth the price. But make sure that before you make your purchase, you will do enough research to determine which type best fits your home and your needs.
  1.  They are cheaper compared to other brands – anything you spend your money on should be a worthy investment. The great thing about Shark vacuums is that you do not need to spend so much money in order to get a product that is efficient. You don’t need to go to the store, but the most expensive model to say that you found the best one. Compared to other more expensive brands like Dyson for example, Shark is able to give out the same performance but for a lesser price.
  1. Their variants are lighter compared to some brands – a heavier vacuum cleaner may not be a problem if you only regularly clean a small area in your home. But for those that clean many rooms in the house and may even have to carry the vacuum cleaner up the stairs, having a lightweight vacuum in hand is definitely a godsend.  A heavier one will not only feel uncomfortable and awkward to lug around the house, but it can also cause some problems such as a chronic back pain due to the back strain you will have.
  1. They also produce cordless variants to their vacuum cleaners – what’s great about Shark vacuums is that they also produce a cordless vacuum, which means you can also use it to clean the garage our places outside the house such as your patio or even inside your car if needed.
  1. Shark vacuums have longer warranty coverage compared to others – with Shark vacuum, you have seven years of warranty coverage, which is longer compared to other brands which only offer a five-year warranty or even less. That’s because they are sure of the quality of their products. You can be assured that you are making a sound investment because, with a Shark vacuum, you are getting a well-made product which will be of good use to you for many years.


5 Things You Should Know About Buying a Home Weather Station

Having a personal weather station is an excellent idea for various reasons. One of them is that the weatherman gets it wrong many times especially when it comes to localized conditions. In contrast, personal weather stations focus on specific locations. These stations come in different shapes, sizes, and varieties. They have different capabilities as well. Understanding these differences is necessary if you want a weather station that will satisfy your needs. Here are 5 things you should know about buying a home weather station.

1-The Type of Station

A wired weather station has interconnected instruments, and as such, false measurements are likely if the connections are faulty. In contrast, wireless weather stations operate without interconnected instruments. These stations are relatively new in the market because they mostly use electronic sensors to measure the weather. It is also worth noting that some weather stations operate on solar energy. They mostly store energy in rechargeable batteries so that they can use it when there is no sunshine.

2-The Ease of Installation

Setting up a weather station takes time. It takes a bit of skill as well. However, setting up some weather stations is a straightforward process as compared to others. For example, installing wireless weather stations requires a negligible amount of effort. In contrast, the installation of wired weather stations is a challenging experience for many people. That happens because these stations have complex wiring systems. Incorrect wiring leads to inaccurate results and therefore, one has to connect these instruments slowly and carefully.

3-The Transmission Distance

The distance over which a weather station transmits its data is vital for many reasons. For example, the greater the distance it covers then the more useful it is to you. That is especially true if you own a farm that sits on a large tract of land. You need a weather station that transmits data across the entire breadth of the farm. Purchase a station that has wireless repeaters. These repeaters lead to a significant increase in the transmission range for the weather station.

4-The Frequency of Updates

Did you know that the direction of the wind changes every two to three seconds? Other weather variables change every ten to fifteen seconds on average. These changes have a significant impact on the state of the atmosphere in a particular area. For example, unexpected storms may start in less than an hour. Cloudy weather may turn into blistering heat after three hours. Frequent updates from weather stations would help you prepare for what is coming.

5-The Reported Weather Conditions

The atmosphere is full of variables including heat, precipitation, barometric pressures, and humidity. Others are the direction and speed of the wind. Weather stations measure all of these variables, but some of them exclude one or more variables. The best home weather station gives you frequent updates on all of them. It measures other things as well such as the temperature of the soil and the rate of evaporation. Another possible sensor is the intensity of UV radiation from the sun.

Want A Hotel-Like Bedroom? Try These Tips

Acoustic felt panels
A hotel bedroom is always more attractive and comfortable than the bedrooms at home. The hotel rooms are carefully designed and decorated to suit all types of customers. The home bedrooms are not that attractive because we are not aware of design techniques. If you adopt some new design and decoration methods, you will have hotel-like bedrooms at your home.

If you want a hotel-like bedroom, try these tips:

Luxurious looking bed spreads and pillow-covers

The actual noticeable difference between the home bedrooms and hotel bedrooms are a luxury and lavish feel. This could be easily overcome by adding luxurious looking bed-spreads and pillow-covers. This is the basic step to obtain a hotel-like bedroom.

The rich appealing bed-spreads and pillow covers are available at lesser cost online. You can try buying them on special occasions or festivals. This reduces their cost and also helps you have an occasion to change the bedroom look. Without much time and effort, you can make your house bedroom look just like a hotel bedroom.

Well cushioned bed and seating

The comfort that hotel-bedroom provide is also important. The comfort has to be considered to create a hotel-like bedroom. The mere appearance of the bedroom will not make you use it freely or you might not like it. The well-cushioned bed and seating will help you bring that comfort to your bedroom.

The well-cushioned bed and seating make you feel like heaven. A bedroom is basically a relaxing place. It needs to be comfortable for the users. The cushioning of the bed and seating could be made to your old beds and seating too. The will lessen your cost and burden in selecting a suitable bed and seating in your bedroom.

Acoustic felt panels

Acoustic felt panels are the new trendy decors. They are usually used in the hotels to maintain the calmness. The relaxing atmosphere at the hotels could be obtained with acoustic felt panels. They are excellent in absorbing the unwanted noise and making the surrounding noise free. They are not very costly and hard to maintain.

They are cost-effect decors and easy to maintain them. The initial installation cost is all. The maintaining of acoustic felt panels is just to keep them clear and clean. So, they are affordable and suit any type of place. As they are so useful they are always used in hotels. Hence, acoustic felt panels is a good idea for a hotel-like bedroom.

Fluffy rugs and pillows

The fluffiness is loved by everybody. The fluffy texture and matter make us feel relaxed. The reduction of hardness and an increase in the softness makes the rugs and pillows lovable. The best part about the hotel-like bedrooms are the fluffy rugs and pillows while sleeping.

To bring that feel, add fluffy rugs and pillows to your beds and bedroom sofas. They are not costly at all. They are available everywhere. If you have time, you can do it yourself. Take your old clothes and add some cotton in the center. Stich the cloth in any design you want. Like this, you can create your own fluffy rug or pillow at home.

Crystal ceiling hangings

If you had observed the ceiling in hotel bedrooms are not plain. They either add some stickers or hang a ceiling hangers. Crystal ceiling hangers are most often seen in the hotel bedrooms. They make the ceiling look enchanting and beautiful. They make the bedroom look more classy and rich.

To create a hotel-like bedroom crystal ceiling hangings help a lot. They reflect the light that falls on them. This makes the ceiling look attractive. They appear like they are costly but they are not. So, anybody can afford to bring it home. There are even stores where they provide the small components of the hangings and you can join them according to your idea of design.

Interior decorative wall panels


The wall panels are nothing new to the interior decorations. These days, they have improved the wall panels into decorative wall panels. The interior decorative wall panels are installed on wall surfaces like panels. They decorate the interior and also protect the wall carefully.

The interior decorative wall panels are created especially for the interiors but could be used for exteriors with the help of designers. The material of the interior decorative wall panels is such that they withstand the external pressure. This helps to add them to your room for hotel-like bedroom creation without a second thought.

Furry floor mats

The floor mats are most important in bedrooms to maintain the hygiene. Along with the hygiene maintenance, use the floor mat to decorate the bedroom floors. There are some furry floor mats available in the market. The will make your foot fall in love with them. They are often used in hotel bedrooms. So, it would be a great idea to add them to your bedroom.

Decorative ceiling panels

The ceiling of hotel rooms is not plain. They use even the ceiling area to decorate well. The decorated ceiling always makes the place look attractive. So, you too add decorative ceiling panels. With these, decorative ceiling panels, you use the space completely in creating a hotel-like bedroom.

The decorative ceiling panels are manufactured with other material compared to usual wall panels materials. This makes them adaptable to all types of ceilings. They are expensive and delicate. They well designed to satisfy the customer needs. They are also customizable according to the customer needs. This makes the unique and attractive.

Install new technologies

More of the new technology is used, more you will love the place. New technologies always reduce the human efforts to perform a work. The LED light auto switches, safety alarms, reminder rings make the place much safer. They suit bedrooms in homes too. There is nothing wrong with adopting new technology at home.


Above are a few tips on how to obtain a hotel-like bedroom. They are easy and simple tips for all types of bedrooms. They are cost-effective and easy to implement too. Try them to make your home bedrooms look like hotel bedrooms.