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Roger Cook is a very familiar name to the fans of the Emmy-winning TV show – “This Old House” by PBS (Public Broadcasting Services). He was one of This Old House hosts and is best known as a garden and landscape contractor.

He left a legacy of more than three decades as a contractor in This Old House show. Roger Cook obituary the Old House announced his retirement from the show in January 2020 after having some health-related issues.

Who is Roger Cook?

Roger Cook was born in 1955 in Massachusetts, USA. As of 2023, he is 68 years old. Roger was married to Kathleen in the 1980s.  They met each other at the university and have two children. His wife died because of cancer in 2010. Now he lives with his family in the north of Boston.

Roger Cook Net Worth:

Roger Cook’s net worth is estimated to be around $11 million in 2023. He has earned such a big fortune from his different investments and his long career in television shows and the landscaping industry. His employment in a private company and work as a contractor also contributed to his net worth.

What Happened to Roger Cook from This Old House?

Roger Cook has been very private about his personal matters over the years. Roger Cook illness has never shared anything about his illness in public. He has not been regular in the show since 2010. His absence from the show created many speculations among his fans and reporters.

Fans had noticed a limp in his body during the hosting of the show. It was clear that he was uncomfortable with it. There were also rumors of heart attack, spinal stenosis, Parkinson and even cancer about him. But there is no trusted news about these speculations. Even PBS didn’t provide any news regarding his health.

Roger Cook Obituary the Old House News

Because of Roger Cook’s absence from the show, many rumors of his death showed up. All of them were fans’ speculations because of strict privacy about his health condition. As of now, we can assure you that he is alive and fighting with his illness.

Roger Cook never confirmed or denied any of the rumors. He wrote an open letter regarding his health to his fans in 2018 on the official website of This Old House.

Cook stated that his health is not in good condition and also added that he is in good hands and with good company. He also stated that he would limit his presence in the show because of his health condition.

Roger Cook Illness and Health Update 2023

After leaving the popular show This Old House there is very little to no information about the health condition of Roger Cook. There is no confirmed news from any trusted source about his illness and its reason. But we know that he is alive.

According to some sources he is still fighting with his health issues. He has been seen enjoying his time with his friends and family. He has been very strict about his privacy and only focusing on recovering from his illness.

His last post on his Twitter account @RogerCookTOH was on October 26, 2022. The same goes for his Instagram account rogercooktoh.

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